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  • Because some mods might have a problem with me being THAT active in trying to take members from their site lol.

    Hey, I know we barely have talked, but... do you happen to have an MSN or a Skype or Aim?
    Psh, hell yeah dude! Space theme all the waaaaaaaay! :D

    Glad you joined! Which of my posts did you follow the link from, or did you hear about it from someone else? (Kinda wanna know, as my job right now is just to get new members, and I need to see what's more effective as a marketing strategy... I think that's what it's called X_X)
    Thanks for the heads up on Brink I'll have to give it a go when it comes out, the screenshots look awesome.
    xD?!? That's all you have to say for my drawing?!?...

    Lol, just kidding. Tha k you fir commenting, people usually don't even know Others have awesome galleries :p
    I wish I could commit to that. I'm deep in the midst of some serious school ______, and, frankly, recreational writing is very far from the front burner right now. This is unfortunate because, really, I'd like you to finish your story. Is there a way we can have an accord where you do all the work and I just get to read a good tale? I like that kind of accord :)

    TW will probably not see light until April, to be honest.
    so yeah, call me a noob but i just found out that goodnites do indeed leak x.x
    well uhm.. people just don't want me on the internet cause they don't like me..
    I can get on yahoo from time to time from home though...
    Thank you :) Definitely an epic favorite episode(s) are the ones where Colonel Klink travels to Paris and Hogan stows away with him. I also really like the episode where Carter pretends to be Hitlers. Do you have a favorite episode?

    Oh, and I must add, I really like your story "Brainwashed." Do you have other stories posted here or on TBN?
    Hey Tyler, i tried messaging u before, just trying to meet some friends, lets chat sometime
    hey tyler, trying to meet friends, hope we can become friends..nice to meet ya lol....
    heh.. hope your having a good life mister person guy
    I don't really have acess to internet right now
    thats why it took me 3 days..
    just to clarify..
    Kk, the swelling in my spleen is going done, so I'll be able to go back to doing active stuff soon. Anyway, Night. :)
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