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    it tastes a bit like powdered milk but its sweet, rich and ... well you need to try it and see for your self :p
    oh you NEED to try some!!
    it is really delicious!
    i have a can of S-26 Gold toddler
    ah i see. awesome :3
    and to bad for the price :< 30 EURO is to much for a PACK of diapers!!.. i pay $20 AUD (thats like 10 EURO) for 1 pack of depends maximum protection medium size.
    i bought a canister of toddler formula today, and it is SOOO delicious! no wonder its hard to ween babies off formula. i didnt know what i was missing out on until i bought myself some formula.
    and the great thing is that formula is healthy! :p
    oh yeah i was reading around and saw you liked pampers baby dry.
    thats one of my favorite diapers, they absorb soooo much!
    pampers baby dry absorb more than any adult diaper i would say.
    i got some babylove sleepy pants and they are actually way better than drynites/goodnites!
    when i wet then last night they stayed white, they absorb pretty well and hold a good amount, and they are a plain white color! (unlike drynites these days :( )
    no probs :)
    im a friendly person in the least :p
    I was also able to get 3 pull up diapers and 3 disposable plastic backed diapers. But I dont know if your a diaper fur or not so... XP
    Lolz, today I made a tail and ears and wrist bracelets for about $8! I love how they came out! I will post pictures later
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