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  • Hej Kuzzy! Thanks for reaching out a hand like this. Moreover, I must admit I was certainly very, very pleased indeed, to hear that you're not dead. :tongueout:
    Thanks also for asking about how I am doing. I really appreciate it. "I am as I am" would be the best way to put it, I wager. Too cryptic I know, and my apologies for that. I am okay though, truly. And I hope you are too?
    Not simply to digress, but I thought of you the last time I was at the airport, (Gardermoen) oh some months ago. (Some pilots where having a brew a couple of bar stools away from me, clocking out I suppose.) And well I realized how amazing an occupation you have for yourself! You help create that sort of everyday magic we all take for granted! Just wanted to say that and cheers mate. Hope to meet up with you in some or another form later.

    Salutations from Norway.
    Hej Kuzzy! Thanks for your note. Been wondering when you would pop up again.:detective1:
    I'm okay, thanks. Been having some difficult times since I was discharged from my conscription last Christmas. But it's getting better now, no worries. I've been thinking of applying for the police academy or philosophy at the uni the next fall. Or maybe I'm going to enlist again in the army. Time will tell.
    How about yourself? The friendly skies above is still keeping their cheerful disposition, I hope?
    I hope you don't mind, but I've been browsing your deviant-art page from time to time, and may I say, you're really very talented. :thumbsup:
    Take care, hope to talk to you soon.

    Wow Kuzzy haven't seen you in forever, just saw your comment on someone elses profile. Miss you.
    Heh, she has some nice art.

    My avatar was actually done by somebody on Gaia. I'm not sure of the name, because Left (aka centede on the forums) got it done for my birthday
    After reading your introduction post I feel quite privileged to be able to talk to someone like you :D. I guess I never really realised how popular you used to be on the previous forum board!
    Thanks for the reply. I'm really happy to hear that you're well.
    I am too, active here very rarerly now a days. I miss the community we had before, but these things change, and I'm sure we can make the most of it if we try.
    I'm doing okay too, thanks. Nothing exiting to report sadly. I will not be going to university or college next fall as I had in mind though.
    How's your education working out? Will I be seeing you flying the friendly skies soon? =)
    Maybe we can talk more at lenght some other time, by PM or mail?
    Take care Kuzzy, you're a great guy, don't you ever forget that!

    PS: Have you had any contact with Chilly lately? I'm starting to worry about her and her well being.
    Heya Kuzzy! Long time, no see.
    Just wanted to say hello after time spent away.
    How have you been these late times?
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