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  • Kuu! finally I'm making yours! some questions: eyes' color? Any specific color for the paci?
    heey, again me bugging you (sorry) I just have some questions and stuff: when you say twirling her paci with her finger you mean spinning it right? also, can I omit the wink? and just make her eyes close lightly?. Also, ahem, X//D this is getting a little too hot for me, I'm not that used to drawing these kind of poses, and its getting into that line between cute and ecchii, lol just to let you know.
    Hullo, well, I asked because I wanted to make the heart shaped tattoo like the heart crest of digimon. Ok at the rest ;) I'm done with the character design.
    I'm not big into digimon, no, why do you ask?
    Nothing too special on the hair; mid length, maybe a little messy. Flower or bow in the hair to one side optional. http://www.becomegorgeous.com/img/user/d/1/1/4/barbipixi/answers/43037.jpg
    For the diaper, how about a cloth one this time? Plain white, safety pins. No plastic pants, hehe.

    Uhm, I'm not sure what you mean, really. She is a tomboy, and everyone knows it/has gotten used to it. Her normal attire (which really isn't relevant here) and behavior is masculine, and her friends and family aren't really aware that she has a feminine side this strong. The only thing is she doesn't try to be a boy, just a very boyish girl, if that makes sense. I'm confusing myself a little here. ^^; Most of this is to explain character and such, it would be hard to bring out her tomboyishness in some form or another, unless her facial expression could suggest it, but that doesn't really matter.
    Congratulations on being one of the winners =) (go figures XD) - A few questions for you: do you like digimon? =P any special request for her haircut? any special request for her diaper? so she's a tomboy that can't fool anyone I get it? (I mean she's still very girly even in her daily clothes) also, do you want that tomboy style be represented in someway?
    Also, please try to stay out of a fight =S I say it because of what you say while quoting Pandora, it was a bit harsh.
    Kuu, don't worry, I was joking about you making my life harder XD don't take it the wrong way. I'd love drawing your fursona, and you did a vivid and detailed description of her. Your effort really shows, just wait a bit for the results.
    I'm sorry Kuu ^^U no already drawn furs, maybe in a next opportunity, unless you want another character to be done.
    Hullo, I'm about to finish your drawing, =P do you prefer a certain color for your fur's eyes?
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