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    Wow science is great
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    Plastic pants help!!

    Im going to buy my first plastic pants! I was wondering what you think are the best plastic pants for what im wanting. I also want to know the difference between gary plastic pants, bikini cut, etc. But I'll just tell what I want and you guys can answer for me. So heres the breakdown: -babyish...
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    My intro!

    Thanks dogboy! I always appreciate the music types :) And to coyote, im going in to chemical engineering. Like I said, science nerd. :P
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    My intro!

    Hey everyone! My name is Kumo. Im an 18 year old AB/little who lives in Alabama. I will be going off to college soon to be an engineer, and I've been hovering over this sight for quite some time, so I thought I might as well join! Not long ago, I told my girlfriend about my little side. We...
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    ABU Huggies Pullups??

    There would be a good market for them. Id buy asap!