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  • Hi ya, Kraiden!! I love your thread, ask a bear, as it is very cute & funny!! I sent a friendship request, hope to become one!!
    I thought I'll bring up the term "BattleTrains" and "Ask a Bear".

    I haven't heard anything about them for a while.
    You had that on TBDL iirc? I remember thinking... Dude, this guy Kraiden, he's so cool, that guys soo hawt.

    Then I just realized a bit ago.... that's HOUSE! *drools*
    Hey Kraiden! Buried with work lately, I'm afraid. Though, with depending on contract work to make a living, I shouldn't complain! How's your paci collection coming along?

    *taking Pram, who is not at all computer savvy, a looong time to figure this new system out!*:D
    Duuuuuuuude...bah, I can't think of anything intelligent to say (must be the environment - I'm posting from the university PC); I'm just (ab)using your profile to check out the new profile layout. :tongueout:
    And I second that imminent grounding. Not for you, Cooper. Just Hump. He's going crazy lately.
    Ermm. Yeah. Hi, Kraiden (still don't know what that means). And hewwo to you, widdle Humphwey. Who's Cooper?!?! That's my favorite blogger's dog's name. Cooper a dog from Berkeley?
    *blushes* I forgot to say Hi to Cooper!

    Hiiiiiiii Cooper! You, Humphrey, and Kraiden have very pretty pictures! :D
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