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    telling parents about being ABDL how to get them to accept it

    Seconded. The point is, OP, you have the potential to have this go so wrong, whereas you likely don’t even stand to profit anything substantial if it does go your way. More than likely, telling him would just be regrettable and awkward. You are in your mid-twenties. I have to think that...
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    Diaper Depot Atlanta - Awesome experience!

    Hi everyone... it’s been a good three years since my last post, but this thread inspired me to type this out! First of all, thanks for a great write-up. I have to say, I grew up in Decatur, GA, and discovered Diaper Depot when I was about 14. Back in those days, the best diapers they carried...
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    ABSOLUTELY MOST HORRIBLE changing experience

    Nothing like a run-in with a nutzo to make you feel thankful to be alive... I've been there. Glad you're OK, BenzyD.
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    my little pony

    I love the show, and although I own merch and am even considering , I still have mixed feelings about the brony community at large. I consider myself a brony only because I take the phrase to be nothing more than a designation of appreciation for G4 MLP. Frankly, the community has some good...
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    Plastic Pants Advice?

    Hey, ADISC. I'm finally in the market for a pair or two of the best plastic pants money can buy. Only problem is, I don't know that much about what I should look for... While this is ultimately a matter of personal preference, I'm sure, I'd like experienced users' opinions of the best of the...
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    Changes In XPMedical and Their Supplies of Incontinence Products.

    God, this list is more depressing than the evening news. Molicare too? Seriously? Thanks Obama!
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    Wearing in front of people!

    1. Girlfriend, who is also ABDL 2. ... Yeah, that's absolutely it for me. I wouldn't wear in front of my friends for the same reason I'd thank them not to don leather bondage gear or the like in my presence. As for my parents? I'd sooner jump off a building!
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    For mlp fans

    I saw Equestria Girls on a date and ended up liking it a lot more than I had expected to. Like many fans, I saw the initial releases of the art for the movie and was horrified, but if you relax and take it for what it is-- a kids' movie with an MLP theme-- it's really quite enjoyable and...
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    For mlp fans

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    Whats The Point?

    Parents naturally want what's best for their children. If they feel that their son or daughter is engaging in behavior that will inhibit him/her from living a healthy, normal life, they might well react harshly. It is for this reason that so many people here, myself included, have had...
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    Usage of "Mommy/Daddy"

    So, my girlfriend, who is an ABDL, and I agree on a viewpoint that seems to differ from the community at large: we do not at all like the phrases "Mommy" or "Daddy" in the context of our AB roleplay. Simply put, we think it's creepy. She and I are sexual partners; although our ABDLism is not...
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    New gun being offered.

    But hey, you don't need to register it!
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    Your Username

    Simple: growing up, my favorite hockey player (and general idol) was Ilya Kovalchuk. "Kovy" is short for that name.
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    Interesting News Story - Walmart Runaway

    I always wondered what it would be like to make a fort and live in the toilet paper section of a store. With diapers, too? This kid was living the dream!
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    Think I finally made myself wet at night

    Of course :) Good luck and keep us posted!