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    Plastic Pants Advice?

    Hey, ADISC. I'm finally in the market for a pair or two of the best plastic pants money can buy. Only problem is, I don't know that much about what I should look for... While this is ultimately a matter of personal preference, I'm sure, I'd like experienced users' opinions of the best of the...
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    Usage of "Mommy/Daddy"

    So, my girlfriend, who is an ABDL, and I agree on a viewpoint that seems to differ from the community at large: we do not at all like the phrases "Mommy" or "Daddy" in the context of our AB roleplay. Simply put, we think it's creepy. She and I are sexual partners; although our ABDLism is not...
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    Realizing it's a part of you... (Female feedback especially requested)

    Hello, ADISC. Kovy here. I am writing this thread in the hope of beginning a discussion on how all of you came to terms with being ABDL. For many of us, of course, self-acceptance is something that is very difficult to achieve. I would like you all to chime in with what it was like coming to...
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    Finished The BOY who Wore DIPPERS

    CHAPTER ONE. Hi my name is derek but u can call me Deker after my favorite web sight. i am a 13 yere old boi who wheres diaprs for number one and 2. My Mommy changes me and so dies the Nurse at my Scool and my gorlfrend kelsy. but I also have a seacret: I LOVE DIAPERS TWO. i was never...
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    A request for those good at Photoshop

    Hi everyone, Despite being here for five years as of last month, I still don't know if this type of thing is allowed. If it isn't, I am very sorry, but if it is, I have a favor to ask. Can anyone here eliminate the white background from my current avatar, so that it's just Kenny? I have no way...
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    Things you can't stand :pizza:

    I'll shoot!! --When people I love or am friends with mispronounce things and my not being able to correct them because I don't want to be rude. --People using the grammatically incorrect "their" when they mean the generic "his", especially in writing. (e.g. "A player like Kovy has to watch...
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    Tattoos on significant others

    So, ADISC, I have a question for you, and I'll do my best to ask it well... When you're in the market for a spouse, how do you feel if s/he has a tattoo or multiple tattoos? As for me, I have one myself, and don't have a problem with them in girls, as long as they are relatively tasteful and not...
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    YOUR Dreams!

    So, folks... This thread is pretty straightforward. Talk about any interesting, scary, funny, hot, uplifting, or otherwise notable dreams you've had! They can be *BDL-related, but they don't have to be. I tend to have really vivid dreams. Sometimes they're scary, sometimes they're annoying, but...
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    Do you play the lottery?

    So, I posted this in Mature Topics simply because it is technically a form of gambling and, at least in America, one must be over 18 to play. The question is simple enough: Do you play the lottery? If so, how often? What kind of games? The poll covers part of that question; the rest will have...
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    On a scale of 0 to 10, how much do you let your sissy side show?

    Just in day-to-day, average, vanilla life, around people who don't (or wouldn't, anyway) know about your... *ahem* Extracurricular Activities... How much do you come across as a sissy or LG? Do you drop hints or act girly at all? That sort of thing. I'm a 0... I don't think it needs any...
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    On a scale of 0 to 10, how much of a sissy are you?

    Yes, I authored a very similar poll about one year ago. However, time has passed, demographics have changed, and sissies have their own forum now, so I think this is appropriate. The question, of course, is simple enough: How much of a sissy/LG do you think you are? This scale, as you may have...
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    The topic is this: Do you ever gamble? If so, what games? How often, how much, and with whom? Regardless of whether or not you do, what is your opinion on it? Should it be legal? socially acceptable? Discuss. As for myself, I do place monetary bets with friends and family (nothing more than I'm...
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    Do you enjoy being diapered in public?

    So, the question is simple enough: do you like wearing diapers (discreetly, of course) in public? Some people love the rush of it, yet for others, paranoia outweighs the pleasure. What about you?
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    Do you talk in your sleep?

    Simple enough... The question is this: Do you talk in your sleep? If so, how often, and what does it sound like? This seems like it could yield some interesting results. As for myself, my parents say that I do it all the time, and it's full-voiced and clear. When I went on a trip to look at...
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    Things diapers do and don't 'mix with' for you.

    We all-- ahem, most of us-- know that diapers are grand on their own. However, it's also true that the diaper experience can both be amplified and ruined based on what it's being mixed with. Do you feel this way? If so, give some examples of each. I'll go first: GOOD: Romance (I've never had...