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  • It's as I feared, for your sake. I've been watching the relocation news very intently for the past 3 months, checking in on articles as they are published. I'm thrilled for Canada to be getting another team, but I really hate that it's at the expense of someone else's fan base.

    I believe hockey can work in Atlanta. It's just that the Thrashers were never given a chance. They started like most young teams, but then they got handed over to an ownership group that makes Bettman look like a sound business man. The nightmarish owners destroyed the team, hacked away at player salaries, and drove Kovy out of town. Really, it's the Atlanta Spirit Group that needs to get driven out of town, not the team. My thoughts are with you my friend. Hopefully they at least bring in a minor league team to help soften though blow, though that does little for you I'll bet.
    Sorry, so overjoyed that I confused Predators with Thrashers. (It's one of those days)

    Thrashers in Winnipeg. Oh, it feels SOOOOOO good. Even with Canada-hatin' Buttman in charge, we're still getting another freakin' team.

    My condolences for your loss, though.
    I don't see why you hate the Bolts--for me, any team that knocks out Crosby (oh wait, that was done in January) and the Pens is good in my books.

    Canucks all the way. I actually cheered against Detroit, because I didn't want them to play Vancouver, so now Luuuuuuuuuu and the Sedins have to take on the Sharks, but I think they can win.

    Back in
    Alright, but its fine by me if you need anything :)

    I kinda suck playing positions other than goalie, mainly because its the only position I ever play. We were going to have a game yesterday, but the other team forfeited :( So we just had a training session, boring. Lol
    Dude I heard about you getting hacked on RS. If you need anything, let me know. I can spare you some cash if you want.
    I know, school is such a pain. I'm in my last year though which is awesome, I'm so over all the studying and whatnot. I've been playing RuneScape during the school term, I don't usually do that but oh well. It's fun I guess. Hmm... I see you play hockey..? Same here ;)
    8 in 8 for the first round? I must congratulate you for having the smarts (and nerve) to choose Lightning over Pens. Take that, Crosby!

    (Not that I expect Crosby to read this. He's still seeing double whenever he moves his eyeballs)

    (And "Give Up, Winnipeg?" Come on! At least they have natural ice out there!)
    Such an incredibly catchy song. And it has been some awesome hockey--overtime last night had me gasping. I still want to see the Canucks lift the Grail, but I would love to see a Toews/Crosby showdown... assuming the latter regains the ability to see straight.

    Still, there are three games every night and you can cut the tension with a knife. I love playoffs.
    WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN VANCOUVER?! How do you blow a 3-0 lead like that? How are they in Game 7? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!
    That what I figured. And you are indeed right, that thread needs to go ^^.

    Also, it's really no big deal (I was going to say it's no deal, but that sounds odd :p )
    No problem, I just logged off for a sec cause my dad was yelling at me :(

    I accepted your friend request :)
    Yup yup :) I don't come here anymore but I got this message through my email notifications. They played two epic games and they really kinda surprised me. Well, now it's playoffs time! :D
    Come on, Winnipeg is not going to give up, they are winning :p

    (That being said, I hope it's Phoenix that gets the axe)
    If I may chime in with satyrical, I am thinking it's most likely to be Vancouver this year. Detroit is not where they need to be, as evidenced by their 10-3 loss to St. Louis, 3-5-2 recent skid, and their trust in Howard, a goalie who allows more rebounds than... insert sexually pathetic celebrity here. :p

    So, a Vancouver/Washington or Boston final would be nice (or Montreal, though I doubt that'll happen). Of course, that's should Detroit loose in the first or second round, as is my prediction.
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