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  • hehe yeah dude, you came across as one of the more intelligent dudes on this site, just read about how you got caught again and damn I feel sorry for you. My mother looks through my room to see my stash all the time but she wont bring it up. I think she is like scared of confrontation of it so its sort of a dont ask dont tell kind of thing. But she does say she respects my privacy so I guess its okay. instead she has other problems like being an alcoholic instead...
    I think the Jets will work fine as long as the economy in Winnipeg goes as well as it's going now and as long as there is a strong exchange rate between the US and Canada (and frankly I think those two factors matter more than how competitive the Jets are). My sense is that if the Canadian economy and/or the Canadian dollar starts going down moving the Jets to Winnipeg will start to look like it was a bad idea.

    I do think the the new ownership is looking quite committed, though, so maybe they can weather a few bad years. But I doubt they could stomach a decade of 0.6 Canadian dollar to the American dollar.

    And ya, I bet the Jets will suck next year, and probably the year after that, too :p
    I'm not saying it will (or have any reap chance to) happen, but it *could* happen, and seeing Buttman's reaction would be golden. Those are the two smallest markets in the NHL, no?
    Good end to a bad season? Glad something hockey related went your way, anyway (despite the fact I was pulling for Vancouver).

    Also, Winnipeg - Edmonton final next year: if that happens, will Buttman cry?
    Ha, yeah, I understand what you mean. Glad your ('new') team won then. :)
    I was personally pulling for Vancouver originally, but I'm happy for Boston.
    Ah yeah, keep it up. I started flipping again as well, I made 20mil last week and so far made about 5mil this week. Basically I've earnt all the money back from 95-99 Smithing. I've found that Armadyl Helmets, Zamorakian Spears, and Dharok's Sets are also some very good items to merch; last night I was making 85k profit per set of Dharok's. Just an example, maybe it might help a bit...

    Oh, I got 98 Smithing last night. I'll probably end up getting it sometime on the weekend; I'm also thinking of having a massive party lol. It's taken me like 6 months, soooo yeah :p

    Hmm oh, anything else been happening.. Besides RS?
    Oh no I think you came across as like intelligent! :)
    Yeah I think I started on TBDL around like 03-04 so Im kind of a old school member. I dont remember you though(no offence, shitty memory) did you go by some different nickname?
    That would be interesting to read about the blackmail thingy, you should write it when you have more energy :p
    Aww, thanks, I consider you to be a close buddy on the site as well. My defense partner, if you will. The Bobby Orr to my Gordie Howe (or the other way around).

    But you have to understand that I come from a country where a new hockey team equals national coverage for three days, and a nation-wide party. Where Game 1 of the Finals was watched by over 20% of all citizens. Where the largest national icon is coffee named after a hockey player. We just love hockey. Why you Americans don't is beyond me.
    Hey I really enjoyed your post in the diaper dreams thread, you seem like a cool dude!
    No problem. I could always recruit you to the Washington Capitals but even I only keep arms distance to them because of their continuing failures during the playoffs. Phoenix was in a situation in which they would probably be the better bet to go back to Canada, but I'll probably say that the Coyotes will probably be on the move to Quebec if they ever find an owner themselves. Atlanta as a sports city does have a lot of promise with the Falcons, the Hawks (if they get their financial issues together) and even the Braves have always been a contender team in the NL East. At least the NHL has some act together unlike the NBA which I hate for their rap sheet on small-market teams (I am a Spurs fan which is probably one of the few small-medium market successes) but there is still hope. There might be hope in the future if you guys get an AHL team to come down (since the one formerly in Winnipeg is going to Saint John's now) but let's see how this works out.
    Totally sorry for the loss of the Thrashers. Although I can understand the secluded hardships of not enough faithful fans in the Atlanta area I still can't rationalize why Atlanta would be in this unlike other teams like Phoenix or the Florida Panthers. If you do continue to follow the team in Winnipeg, at least for the sake of next season they will still be in the Southeast Division but unfortunately I do sympathize the numerous faithful Thrashers fans out there who stayed along until the end.
    For a sec I was all like "who the heck is this Kovy guy, some old timer I hadn't hear of?" but I guess I should have known you where going to change your nick...
    It's weird to see that an empty place every time you post... it's appropriate enough, I guess.
    I know it's petty and of little comfort, but I certainly hope you guys at least get an AHL team or something. It's nuts to think hockey can work in Phoenix but not in Atlanta. Obviously though, Buttman continues to defy all logic. For now, you are pretty much in the best market that doesn't currently have a team, with the only possible exceptions being Quebec City or Seattle.

    So, is it Boston now, after the heartache, or would you ever follow the Preds? :/
    I have to say, I'm not overly impressed by how the NHL seems to be toying with hockey fans in Phoenix, Atlanta and Winnipeg. It's too bad that it looks like you guys will get the short end of the stick (I wouldn't mind so much if they, say, moved the team to Quebec City (closest potential NHL market to where I live :p ) but Winnipeg? Really?). Too bad that the team was never really given a chance to build a bigger fan base.

    Fun fact: Boston is actually the nearest NHL market from me (well, in a virtual tie with Montreal). Though I'm an Ottawa fan (not that I cared much for them this year -_-).

    (See, it spells out CBC, which is the only TV station in the world that knows how to properly broadcast a hockey game)
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