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  • Hey Kovy,

    Thanks man, and you're quite welcome. Of course I intend to stick around. This place is my ABDL home, and I can't cut this side of me out of my home, lol! When did you get that Thrasher's tattoo though? Looks awesome. :)

    After tonight's horrid game for the Rangers, I thought of you.

    Figured you'd appreciate that.
    Alright I'm now the official owner/leader of the RuneScape group. ^__^
    Thanks man.
    Sure I'll take over the RuneScape group, but if you ever want to lead it again thats fine by me.
    How will we do this?
    kovy i think the rs group should have the new rs logo wat u think dude its just a sugution :)
    So far....i dunno, i actually think the thrashers, for me the nucks have been pretty poor starters (but we always are) and i don't know if we can get over the mental block to win it.
    So not gonna lie, start of season, my money was on the caps as well, mind you hell could freeze over and the oilers/leafs/habs could do it :p
    That sucks about the Thrashers man. I am a Jacksonville Jaguars fan and there is talk they are one of the top canidates to go to Los Angeles. I would be so mad if they moved. I feel your pain bro.
    Also, weary about the jets, i don't know if winnipeg can in the long run support a team. Honestly, the NHL has some big problems, the level of money/professionalism that bettman is trying to push means that the clubs for the most part can't honestly survive to the level of self sufficency and domination. Blame bettman eh? :p
    ahk, Canucks fan, fell in love with hockey, still in love with it a few years later.
    and yeah, it sucks what happened to the thrashers :( it's dissapointing that the nhl has a tendency to not show any respect to markets and the histories of teams =/. Predictions for 2k12?
    No problem, I had read your blog and wanted to say hi. Maybe we should start the birthday announcements up again?
    Forgive me, but for a second I thought your name stood for Kovalev. In which case, I was going to wish you the best in the KHL.
    I wore a yellow button down shirt to church today and someone said i looked "schrutish". I thought of your Avi. Dwight rocks!
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