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  • Hey, how's life treating you? Haven't got to say hi in a while since TeamSpeak isn't a thing anymore. Hope work / school is going ok.
    Thank you for accepting my friendship offer, komodokitty!! =^_^=

    I thought I already had you listed as a friend, but apparently not!! Sorry it took so long to extend the offer & for not doing it sooner!!
    That's cool. I'm headed out Ottawa way myself, though I know some good folks in the TO area. You have a place out there yet?
    That's pretty sweet too. You doing a M.Sc? or going direct to the Ph.D.? Either way, that's pretty awesome! You know what part of ON you're gonna be in?
    Hey! So I was shamelessly creeping Pangaeanshift's page and noticed you're off to Ontario from Saskie. I'm actually headed that way myself from here; when are you headed out that way?
    Hey there, thought I'd send a little hello as I am from Saskatoon myself. Not presently there, but plan to return at least!
    Clean up the place real good then when some one gets sick call for medic help that when they show up you tell you came home and found them passed out you can tell them they just moved in . that should handle it just store your stuff that is worth a lot. Fox
    That's cool. I'm actually going to be hanging with an AB friend in Guelph and/or Toronto next weekend. Don't know if you'd be able to make it out that far, but we're thinking of getting some folks together while I'm there.

    Anyway, glad things are going good for you. Are you taking a class while you're out there, or is the lab work more like a job sort of thing?
    Hey! Just thought I'd stop in and see how your summer's going. I'm busy working away at the Uni this summer but also spending a fair amount of time playing tennis, golf, and just enjoying the few days of sunshine we've had.
    Hi there! We have new members everyday, and you're from Canada! Welcome to ADISC, I'm iPlushie and I joined like 1 month ago so I thought we could be friends. I saw that you commented on BabyStar, that story is simply amazing and I don't blame you for staying up reading it. That's exactly what I did. Well, I read like a few pages the first day, then the next I read the 40 remaining and now I have the newest part to read. Satyrical really has us in the suspense. I really hope the end comes soon. Again, Welcome to ADISC.
    Yeah, I believe it! I'm actually not sure if the roof access is still there on thorv; they may have changed it when they put in the Spinks addition a couple of years ago. The last time I was up there was about 6 years ago. Anyway, if you're interested in doing some exploring, it's at the top of one of the staircases; If memory serves, it's the staircase by THORV 124.

    Ha ha, now you have something exciting to do for your break Happy Hunting!
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