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    Awesome about getting into the musical; congrats! :D I always would have loved to do that stuff, but never had the time...

    What's the musical about? Are you guys doing a famous one or are ya making your own? :)
    Phew! Back again; been so incredibly busy :O

    Black Friday was incredibly interesting for me; I would have had the best day ever, but I had a cyst on my tailbone and couldn't move! :eek: I actually got a wheelchair and my friends were pushing me; we got to cut all the lines. Overall, though I was in pain, it was a blast :cool:

    Did your Black Friday go well? :D
    Hey, Kody :)

    You might wanna post in SWTWC
    "life is the great time consumer of all who live"

    This quote sir is sheer brilliance haha!

    Did your turkey coma go well? X D
    Haha turkey comas always make Thanksgiving a rather interesting time of year :p

    I'm doing alright, man; been really busy with a lot of stuff. Just life pretty much haha! :)
    You know, I never responded back to your visitor message in September; I am sorry sir!

    How have you been doing? : )
    I didn't know any of the three bands you listed, there are not yet popular here. So thanks youtube I could see some video clips. That's not exactly the music I listen to. Anyway, it's a good things everybody doesn't like the same records. Life would be boring ;) Hoping you're doing well, take care :)
    Hey, sorry I have just realised I forgot to reply your previous message. Come together, Lucy in the sky with diamonds and I get by with a little help from my friends are amongs my favorite beatles songs too. Amongs Sergent Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band, Strawberry Fileds Forever, Across the Universe,... About your cds, a good thing with the beatles is there are a few best off. so with only one or two cds you can get your favorite songs :) What other bands do you like? What kind of music do you listen to?
    Hey there ^_^
    so..I joined and I'm liking it so far...now I just gotta find a thread I feel like I can actually contribute to. XD

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