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    The best pull-up?

    I prefer the Discreet underwear ( the newer low cut one ) isn't the best in regards to absorbency...but it is so very comfortable especially when doubled,tripled,or quadrupled.
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    If you could have any toy you wanted, what would it be and why?

    My dream toy would have to be a mega sized plushie...a plush fox or wolf large enough to use as a bed and use the front paws/legs to cuddle as a pseudo pillow/blanket.
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    Thank you for the greetings...I'm fine for the most part...just trying to get by in life...hoping to pass my Tapas test ( military personality test ) in a little less than 12 hours...once I manage to get a steady income source I'm gonna see about playing the Forex Market ( currency market...
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    how is everyone???