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    Finally, proof that Justin Bieber is a complete and utterly hilarious asshole.

    No publicity is bad publicity. unless you're Shia LeBeef.
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    Do you think laws should be made against people having exposed diapers?

    Is there someone proposing such a law? No. What are you guys doing with your short time on this mudball? I guess i'm here too though. Fuck.
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    Devil May Cry games

    God teir: devil may cry, devil may cry 3 good tier: devil may cry 4, vergil's downfall (DMC add on) okay tier: DMC Bad tier: devil may cry 2 Not too impressed with DMC but not offended either. Looking forward to a sequel. Teleporting around with vergil's swords is fun as shit. I miss the...
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    it's a lifestyle not a fetish

    Reporting in for the fetish master race
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    Tic tok, I'm back

    nice meeting you. When I last stopped posting I was to join the military. I changed my mind, and I've been going to art school for the past year. I feel quite isolated to be honest. thought I'd come by and see how everyone is doing.
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    hey buttercup its dethklok. you still kicking around here? How've you been?

    hey buttercup its dethklok. you still kicking around here? How've you been?
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    Finished First change!

    Thanks for the story. It moved at a good pace.
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    yo bud, you around?

    yo bud, you around?
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    Six Word Stories. Tell Yours!

    I didn't go. I should've gone
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    Tic tok, I'm back

    I used to go by Dethklok_rules, I've been here since it was called TBDL. If you don't remember me then good for you. You're probably better off, in all honesty. For those of you who do: hello again! I'm looking forward to meeting the new crowd, and hope we get along, and that I can melt your...
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    Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" Law

    I'd like to state that the ONLY correlations that can be empirically drawn between good grades are income, health, IQ and parental involvement. All things that children and teachers have no control over. (With the exception of health, at a certain age in a student's life) This myth that "the...
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    My artwork! Suggestions and advice wanted!

    The colors don't harmonize very well. I'd desaturate the pink, or pick a new color altogether.
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    New TN makes it a crime to post pics which may "frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress"

    It baffles me that one law maker drummed this up, and then took it to another law maker who responded, "Yep! this'll make it through the supreme court." I also like how the law could be interpreted to only apply to pictures. If you post a pic of your penis, you're in trouble. If you post a...
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    A question for people in the autism spectrum

    So it's an experimenter's bias? I don't buy it. So far the spinning theory is the best, because it also explains trains.