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    Tic tok, I'm back

    I used to go by Dethklok_rules, I've been here since it was called TBDL. If you don't remember me then good for you. You're probably better off, in all honesty. For those of you who do: hello again! I'm looking forward to meeting the new crowd, and hope we get along, and that I can melt your...
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    A question for people in the autism spectrum

    I'd like to preface this by stating that this is a serious question. I'm not trolling, I'm genuinely curious: Why do you guys like sonic the hedgehog so much? He has only 4 good games, maybe 5 if you count sonic spinball. But that was like 10 years ago. What's his appeal? Again, I'm not trying...
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    I've returned yet again.

    What can I say? You guys just can't get rid of me. Any of my old pals still kicking around? For those of you who don't know me: hello, I call myself dethklok, I'm from way way back, I like ninja stuff yada yadda yadda. Does the :ninja: command still work? Edit: fuck yeah, it still works.
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    I tolded my girlfriend

    You may have noticed I haven't been posting lately. Well, I've been hangin' out with my kick ass kunoichi. She doesn't kick ass much ass as me, but then again, who does? I told her about my Tbism. Oh shit, I mean Abism. Ugh. I'm old folks. One day a once spry young ninja starts throwing...
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    Dethklok's scientific science

    Greetings, scholars. At around 10:20 PM I felt a disturbance in the force. I mulled around a bit and discovered this: Amazing. I read his name,"cheekychap" then looked at where he was from, the UK. Everything seemed to make sense. Then I looked at his sexuality, and he wasn't gay. How could...
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    I was a cesarean section. My mom got in a car accident and injured her pelvis, and couldn't give birth normally. I'm assuming the incision came from the inside with a katana.
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    Man chainsaws his own head off

    Man cuts off own head with chainsaw after flat is earmarked to be bulldozed by developers | Mail Online Did you guys see that Metalocalypse episode where Muderface's dad kills himself with a chainsaw? Yeah, it was kind of like that. Holy shit, this guy is the man. **** slashing his wrists...
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    The late great George Carlin

    He's not even cold in the ground yet and already I miss him. If you don't know him, I'm not here to coddle you and give you his life story, I'm here to tell you how awesome he was to me. Carlin was a legendary comedian.He picked up after Lenny Bruce and went through great lengths to end...
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    America is awesome

    Our tits are big and our dicks are long. And what do we do on our country's birthday? We blow shit up. We are a war hungry people whose national anthem was written about a battle. We're fat as hell, pollute the most and have all the nukes. Yesterday whilst listening to Rush Limbaugh, I gazed up...
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    Rise, b*tches.

    Yeah, I'm back, god damn I'm awesome. This site will be rocked with ninja goodness and ms paintings once more. And while I was gone, I killed a whole stadium full of people with a pear. It's a good story. I'll tell it sometime. But not now. It's too awesome for now.