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    Hi! I'm Elise!

    ummmmm I have questioned this many of times, I am sure there is a lot more than we think there is, but maybe many don't get to forums. something just needs to be more out there here in NZ which may bring more of them out :D
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    Hi! I'm Elise!

    HAIIII Elise, its soo awesome to see more Kiwi's here!! just goes to show we are bigger than we thought.
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    Anybody from new zealand

    I am too in the north, Taranaki :)
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    Hello from Auckland, New Zealand

    YAY more Kiwis :) what ya gaming atm??
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Abu sdk v2 :)
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    Fanks for the request :)

    Fanks for the request :)
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    Games You're Currently Playing?

    I am Playing GTA5/BF4 and Hardline/COD on Xbox One and also Play League of Legends on the OCE Msg me for IGN
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    Hey guys

    Welcome here from ya neighbour over the ditch... Yes there are many Ozzy kids on line, I wish I could say the same for us over here in NZ, but I guess with population we would be about the same :D But hang about its a great place to be.
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    Peeing in your diapers..?

    I wear most of the time and only sometimes I use my diaper for what it's intended for. However generally within 20 minutes I am out of it. Yes at the time it feels great. But that feeling soon stops and all I want to do is change and dry up. I would say 80% of the time I won't wet, but...
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    Buying in South Africa

    Gosh has all the South African's left?
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    Not trying to be mean but the majority of people on here are nerdy

    I like anime, but not overly mad about it. I enjoy my cars, Love rodders but just dont have the income for it.
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    What's your hobby (s)?

    Mine is Photography, not that I have done much this year with my DSLR... its been more iPhoneography as thats always in my pocket.. and instragram makes it easy to just snap upload and share.
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    Buying in South Africa

    I see there was a post in 2012 in where to buy in South Africa, and now since that post has closed, I was wondering the users of that post may be able to help me. I am going to south africa for a month in Feb/Mar 2014. we are starting in JNB heading to CPT and Oudtshoorn, on to Kimberley and...
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    Adult Nappies in New Zealand

    Yup also got a Skeleton one, I got one :D
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    As a Kid-Ever stolen diapers/taken them without permission?

    Yup. I think it first started in Primary School, I was in detention which was right next door to the Special Education Class block's Toilets. While I was in detention one of the teachers when into the cupboard that was in front of the toilets and it was full of diapers. while the bell had gone...