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    What song can you not stop listening to?

    Der Kommissar by After The Fire.
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    Which came first for you, being furry or ABDL?

    I found both at pretty much the same time, maybe ABDL a tiny bit earlier but being a babyfur wasn't too far after.
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    Saving rare/discontinued diapers for special occasions

    I've got two of the plastic depends stashed away in an old lockbox once I heard they switched to cloth, I doubt I'll ever use them but it's neat to know I have probably some of the last mainline plastic diapers made.
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    your girly name

    I quite like the name Lisa, sounds like something from the 80's and since I love the 80's it makes sense I'd choose a name from then :).
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    Isis wears nappies?

    When a paper prints the subheadline "Bum Sex Has Left Fighters With Loose Rings" I think it's safe to assume bullshit.
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    Acting Out Your Animal Side

    I have a collar and I've considered buying a leash before but couldn't find one that matched my collar nicely. My fursona is pretty feral and and many mannerisms more akin to an actual wild fox like squeaking or playfully nipping.
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    does your fursona have or want cubs of their own

    The only family my fursona has is a father and possibly a sister, not sure about the last one though :). EDIT: And a Brudda ;D
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    Toys R Us!

    Even as a kid I wasn't a frequent visitor of toy stores. As an adult it's still not frequent but I'll stop by once in a while if I'm in the area.
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    Discovered something at work.

    I'll have to look for this next time I go to office max.
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    Pacifiers! What's yours?

    What's your favorite binki? A blue one with a dust cover and fox cub printed on the front Where did you get it? At Dollar General (like a poundland or a dollar tree) How often do you use it? Nearly Everyday What do you use it for? Sucking obviously!
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    AB Milestones

    Keep in mind I've been doing this since 2001 and I wasn't always just a babyfur, I was originally just another AB/DL of the early to late 00's ;). So, in the AB(AB/DL) lifestyle, what milestones have you passed? DIY Diapers: Yep, tried making these back when I was around 4 or 5, didn't work at...
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    Know C++ and Java, but not sure what other languages would be worth my time learning

    BASIC Something so unique and fun about typing out a long string of code and then playing tic-tac-toe against a 15mhz Commodore 64.
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    There are member's from all over the world what is It like being an AB/DL where you live.

    Simply put, being a cub in the Midwest is a beautiful yet lonely thing. Being in a small town I made my fursona like all the real kids up here, an overall and Tommy Hilfigger wearing, Cartoon Network watching, small town fox kit. As for the lonely part, I'm literally the only babyfur in Indiana...
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    What's your little side like?

    Probably the most hyper and easily amused ball of energy ever. If it's shiny, kitter is inevitably gonna find a way to get it in his paws and make it gleem and shine. Sometimes kitter is just relaxed though and would like nothing more than a warm blanket, some cartoons, and a bottle of warm milk...
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    What video game system do you play on?

    I'm sure I can run it my specs are as follows: Intel Pentium [email protected] Windows 98 32MB EDO DRAM My hard drive is something like 3GB