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    Should I order a Nuk?

    Monkeypuzzler, you are a genius! Thank you so much, i never thought of that option!
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    Should I order a Nuk?

    Well, I picked up a couple today at Asda and I like them, drive home from work sucking on one :) I do think an adult one would be loads better though :D Thanks for your help on my latest venture into connecting with my inner self.
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    Coming Out As ABDL in College

    The thread title alone gave me shivers. I would say social suicide, there will likely be atleast one or two accepting people in the group however i personally don't think the stick and grief would be worth it. It's different telling close friends and family than a class full of (potentially)...
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    YOUR Stash!

    Currently have 8 Boots stay dry slip nappies, hidden under my bed, in my Xbox box, 10 fit in there perfectly :D
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Wet and warm Boots stay dry slip, not great but not terrible, good for an over the shelf nappy i guess. But is £10 for a pack of 10.
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    Should I order a Nuk?

    I guess I could get order it to a friends, its a gift and I don't want my parents knowing about it kinda thing. Are/were you a thumb sucker? Out of interest :) .
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    Should I order a Nuk?

    Thanks Trevor. I think I will try to pick a 6-18 month one tomorrow and see how I get on. It's weird, its never been something I've ever fancied, but the urge has hit me recently, same with a bottle.
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    Should I order a Nuk?

    Nope, but its an idea actually. Are they comparable? I can't imagine a baby dummy filling my mouth, and might become laborious to suck on? I have been looking online (UK) and can get one for £13+Shipping. Not the issue of cost, more the planning of getting one delivered really (still live at...
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    Should I order a Nuk?

    Hey guys, I'm not sure whether I would actually use a NUK5 if I got one, I'm not into sucking my thumb, but I do like to have things in my mouth (My vaporiser, which mother cutely refers to as my dummy). I'm just wondering if I would get that sense of soothing that I hear spoke of alot. I'm...
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    "Natural" messing or push?

    I have messed twice since reconnecting with my little side, the first time was as close to an accident as I guess I could get. I'd woken in the morning wet and was heading to the bathroom to carry out my morning routine of showering etc. I was on my way down the stairs and got that unmistakable...
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    Being babied

    Play time, changes, mischief (depending on your age whilst you're little) generally anything you'd do with a baby I guess or anything you'd think a baby would do.
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    How long can I wear after going #3?

    I've went to bed numerous times in the past padded and then masterbated to completion, fell asleep and woke up in the morning. No Ill effects really, if it can absorb a bladder full of wee I am sure a tea spoon of semen is not a problem to be concerned with :)
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    Nappy chafing

    Could just be a fungal infection, over the counter creams should help. But if in doubt, as always, consult your doctor.
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    Leg leak guards

    Hey guys and gals. I've recently really gotten in touch with my AB/DL side now I'm in a position that I can get them as opposed to in denial and unable to obtain them, but I need to make sure I'm... Ahem, wearing them properly. The leak guards at the top of your legs should they just be loose...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Boots Stay Dry slip, not amazing, but equally not terrible. Alright for something i can get off the high street i guess.