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    brudder! *huggles* ^^

    brudder! *huggles* ^^
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    Anthrocon 2009

    Meh I truly hope I can go...but then again I dont know if I wanna go...There are some certain people that are probally going that im not sure if im ready to meet them yet.
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    Your Fursona

    here we go, here is a sketch of mine!
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    Your First Commision

    Heh just got my marci sketch, not colored thought ^^;
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    Anthrocon 2009

    I might be going...dont know yet, been dealing with alot of bull shit lately...
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    hiya welcome the site! I hope you enjoy your time here :3 and I hope you stick around. We have cookies!
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    Your Fursona

    has this thread died lol?
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    Raspberry Time

    Yay welcome! ^_^
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    *huggles* hey whats up? ^_^

    *huggles* hey whats up? ^_^
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    Anyone play WoW?

    70 warrior, Drakor, Server: Malfurion 75 druid, Kilios, Venture Co. 61 Death Knight, Venture Co.
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    Your Fursona

    I wish I had a marci badge for my fursona :( ah well, since I cant draw to save my life..
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    2009 AB/TB/DL/Furry Wish List

    juts a few diaper, nuk5 pacifier, and a good year...for once EDIT: maybe a collar too, ive always wanted one ^.^
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    'ello all ^.^

    Yay another babyfur! :D *glomps* welcome to adisc ^^
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    Your Fursona

    Hmmm. Well let's see, my fursona is a greyish wolf cub with white chest fur. The name is Kilion, which is a common name for me. as for any other special features, I have red fur hair, and the tips of my ears are red. As for eye color, they are a dark gray color. As for features, there is a scar...
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    Would you change someone else's diaper?

    I would do it, I have hade past experience before, still need a but of practice, I dont really care if its a girl/guy for: 1) I doesnt bother me about the gender 2) I am Bi anyways. I have changed changed and have been changed by someone on this site, but I won't throw out this person's name...