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    I'm here.

    Not really, it still sucks. But gotta keep moving, right? Thanks.
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    I'm here.

    Hey guys, Many of you know me here, and my extense life here at ADISC. And those who know me know that I like to be involved and helping others. But this year has been so hard, I've been battling with two mental illnesses and the aftermath of everything. That's why I took some time off here...
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    Hola David! Aqui te leo :)

    Hola David! Aqui te leo :)
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    Musical Project (Something I Want To Share With You)

    Thanks PianoMusic1! We called the strings in the second verse the "Coldplay strings" because they sound a lot like the strings Coldplay uses in their songs. As I said, we are trying to fund our album. I have an ABDL song in the repertoire, called "Nursery of Dreams".
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    Musical Project (Something I Want To Share With You)

    Mickdl! Hi! Thanks for your comments, I am so glad you liked the song. It was the greatest effort to produce it an everything! I understand what you mean about the video. It's very simple. We were tight in both time and budget. But we're hoping to film a proper music video in the near future...
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    Musical Project (Something I Want To Share With You)

    Hey dogboy! Thank you! It took us two months to finish the song. I did the lyrics, and my friend who is a professional producer worked the music with me. We had demo composing, live recordings of drums, guitar and vocals, then editing, mixing and mastering. The whole professional process...
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    Musical Project (Something I Want To Share With You)

    Hey!! Yep! Actually the song came out last week!! This is our first single, and it does include ABDL content provided by MiniMaxKiddo. Hope you like it!
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    "My Deviant Heart (Love Is Pride)" - A Song You Should Hear

    Sorry, they updated the video!! Here it is!
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    "My Deviant Heart (Love Is Pride)" - A Song You Should Hear

    Hey guys! Sorry I have disappeared for a while. Still adjusting to life in Mexico, and working on severals projects. So, I want to shed light on this song and this Kickstarter campaign. The song was released today, and it is called "My Deviant Heart (Love Is Pride)". The song is about being...
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    I Won't Ever Grow Up - ABDL Song by MiniMaxKiddo Hey guys, listen to this. MiniMaxKiddo made a very beautiful ABDL song. Hope it resonates with you like it did with me.
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    A Month In Diapers And Caregiver Experience

    Hey guys!!! Sorry I've been absent, you know, making sense of life and everything. So, I've been wearing diapers 24/7 for almost a month. I have to say that it has been a tremendous therapy for me. I feel happier, calmed and more at peace with myself than ever before. My family has been...
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    Found happiness

    I feel exactly the same as you, ABdrew!!! I am so happy for you!!
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    I Came Out As ABDL To My Grandparents!

    I am feeling great. It's been over a week since I started 24/7 and I feel happier and calmer than ever. It also leads me to regress, but no one seems to mind. My family has been great, and I feel myself embracing my AB side more and more each day!
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    Being A Baby: The Best Therapy

    As you know, guys, I suffer from Schizoaffective Disorder. I have had a lot of traumas in my life that you can find in other threads, like being locked up in a criminal asylum, Electroshock therapy and constant depressions that end on the psychiatric ward. You all know that. Well, today, I am...
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    How do I 'initiate' my baby boys moods?

    This would be amazing: You're both watching TV together, and then, of the sudden, you start a tickle attack and cooing at him and then blowing a raspberry on his tummy. That's ought to get him into baby mood fairly quick!