I am a fun loving, but kinda shy 3year old boy who wants to play with others and help those who need it.

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I am obviously not physically 3-5 years old (even when I was I had a hard time remembering which I was because I thought birthday parties meant you were getting older and would sometimes get more than 1 party), as if I were my parents would probably never allow me on a social networking site, however that is the age where I stopped my inner growth. Someone once said "you are only as old as you feel", and I firmly believe in that. That said, I do still enjoy some of the things that come with age, like M and T rated video games and so forth. I tend to go back and forth between my normal state (for those of you who have read my post on the subject of normalcy, you know what I am talking about) and my grown up state fairly fluidly and seemingly randomly, so I might talk like the little guy I am sometimes and out of nowhere switch up to my grown up talk, however I try to act like a grown up when the situation calls for it. I love being in the water and have travelled to tropical places and some places in the US, but have lived in the same community all my life so I don't know a whole ton about culture and "norms" outside of my hometown aside from the basics. I would like to eventually travel the world and I still believe there is some uncharted or long lost territory left on earth. I wanna be the one to find it. I am a random person, as you can probably tell by the tone of this exposition, and as such my music interests tend to reflect my personality in that my favorite genre is "no genre". (music that cannot be reasonably confined to one genre) artists that have displayed such music successfully and as such are my favorite bands are the gorillaz, awolnation, mother mother, and linkin park, though the latter two deviate less from the norm than the former two.


MegaChar is the bestest big brother EVER!!!!! :paci:
"Now don't you understand? That I'm never changing who I am!" -Imagine Dragons
"Chimichangas!"- DP (for those of you who know lol)