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  • Everything is going pretty good for me. We spent most of the day trying to get cattle in. Then this afternoon and evening I got to go over to a cousin's birthday party. It was really nice, I got to see some family that I haven't seen in a very long time.
    Actually I wore them for the first time last night, I have lost about 12 pounds since we chatted last. I am happy about that. I got alot of great toys, you would have a hard time deciding where to start I think.
    Luckily my wife has just realized that I am the little boy and not the adult that everyone else knows. She doesnt mind as long as I am an adult when I have to be. She lets me be me all the other times. I dont mind that you shared, I figure if its up on the internet its free game anyways so... I am glad she thought it was cool though. Perhaps you may end up with one of your own somedayy or perhaps at least a race car bed to have a toddler room or such. Would be fun to have a play date some day, I need someone to to play with my toys with me, my wife/mommy doesnt like to play too much.
    Thanks for the offer, but I am sure they will be out in the target close to my house soon also. I got a couple in the area so I will find them. Like you said, just need to drop the couple pounds but I will get there.
    You are lucky that your college starts so late, I go to school nights, and it starts the 13th and I am not looking forward to that either...I totally agree with you about having to act the role, I have to do that enough around family and at work I wouldnt be able to stand doing it at home also.
    I am doing ok, weekend was hot and busy but overall it was ok. Are you referring to the sleepers at Target? They are great. I have a couple of them, the 18-20 size was sold last year also. I am not sure if they are still that size as I havent seen them this year yet though.... I would have to loose a few pounds to get back into them, I tried my ones from last year on and they were a bit tight... So I am working on that now again..... Stuffed animals is very comforting to me. It makes me feel safe and relaxed. I think a good background in mathematics will help you get to the right places any ways. Hows things on your end? Go back to school yet? My wife is cool, not perfect when it comes to being a mommy but she tries, she really doenst have the maternal instinct to her... But what can you do? At least she allows me to be myself...
    I enjoy mathematics, I am an engineer myself. If you can get a math degree you can get an engineering degree pretty easily as engineering is nothing but math anyways. I got the ones from Walmart also, but the piece that went through the legs seemed too small so I went with the ones on ebay instead. I always considered myself to be a toddler/young preschooler. I refuse to sleep on anything but character sheets and blankets, I even have a blankey that comes with us on vacation. I have never actually slept without a stuffed animal, he comes on vacation with me also... The only time I tried to not bring him was my honeymoon and we ended up having to go buy me one by the second day. so mommy lets me take him with us now.

    I love when my mommy tucks me in and readys me a story for bed, its a every other night ritual as I tuck her in on the odd nights.
    Here is a link to the underoos i am talking about, I work with the lady who makes these offline and I can basically get and fabric made that I can find, I have Go Diego, cars, toy story,, spiderman, and thomas the train to name a few.

    ADULT BABY SPIDERMAN PULL-UP TRAINER PANT 28-42" W - eBay (item 150483928905 end time Aug-30-10 04:36:57 PDT)
    Yea, I love the underoos also, I now buy something similar off of ebay. That way i dont have to give in to being an adult while at work or anyhting like that. I wanted to stay a kid so bad the my mom actually had to start lying to me telling me things like underoos didnt come in my size or sleepers didnt come in my size. Its just great to be able to be who I want to be now as an adult.

    I dont have any friends other than my wife that know I am an at/ac, besides the baby fur that built my crib for me so the threads gave me some sanity to realize i wasnt alone and i wasnt the only one who wanted not to grow up. I am glad to find people like you who accept me for me and dont expect me to be an adult or anything...

    What are you studying in college?
    no problem :)

    I read you about me page, and we sound much alike, other than the fact that I dont plan on growing up ever :)
    You should see th room, on the other side of the room (not in the photo) is a Disney Princess bed, that my wife sleeps in and in the spare bed room was my toddler room now has my lightning mcqueen race car bed in it and is decorated in cars motif.
    Your icon depicts one of my favorite things in the world when it comes to being a kid. I heart funpals/underoos <3

    Just thought I'd drop by and say so. :)
    Hey! I read your bio and that sounds almost exactly like me! I love my underoos and diapers too :) Drop me a line if you'd like to chat sometime.
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