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    First, welcome to the group. Second, this is what can go into an introduction. Feel free to edit your original post, add information in a reply to this post, or ignore me as I am not an administrator or in...
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    ABU Diapers

    They have many fine choices that come down to personal preference. My top choices in order are; Cushies, Kiddo, Little Pawz, BareBum, and Simple. As for the scent, they are inserted strips and are a novelty. Sometimes I get them, most of the time I don't. My best advice is to try some...
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    Do stores just not sell tab style diapers?

    I started looking for diapers at thrift stores when I was between jobs. I still check them to find plastic-backed tabbed diapers since most stores don't carry them. You would be in luck in my area I've found dozens of packs of large diapers but not much in Medium in the past few days.
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    North Carolina check

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    Types of diaper lovers

    I do not believe there is a simple answer and I doubt you'll see a "10 types of ABDL's you'll meet in the nursery" video on Youtube any time soon.
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    Jackson, first let us see who is behind that purple J I see on the screen. How about using this tutorial to introduce yourself to the forum. Next, slow down and read a bit here and learn something about...
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    How to explain to my s/o that I like diapers?

    The how long part is subjective. I decided that I was not going to play games nor, hide who I am to a potential partner and told my wife very early in our dating, if not our first date, though I cannot recall now. The how to tell part is simple and is often difficult for most. Be confident...
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    Help me please!!

    If this post has not been exaggerated, you need to seek medical attention. The two instances are not linked and could be a sign of a serious health issue.
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    OmiChatter: So my bus was in a crash

    Did you get checked out by medical personnel after the collision?
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    North Carolina check

    Yes, I live near Charlotte and am there frequently.
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    Florida gas station??!!😊

    What is the name? we could google it
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    My Early Life. A true story

    I don't understand. Why would you be kept in a home if you had family willing to take you in?
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    Mature topic section enforcement/disbandment.

    Have you reported the posts in question?
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    You guys that are within an hour or so of Gastonia NC should check out The Loft on Fetlife. My wife and I attended a Littles Sleepover last year. COVID cancelled it this year but hopefully 2021 will be the year for us all to meet up and spend a couple of days together.
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    I'm not far and ride out there regularly.