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  • Hey Kev, what's up dude? I've been very busy lately between school and work but the next two weeks are Easter holidays, we should try to see each other. =)
    I see you got home in one piece! :p
    Stay home now and try to recover from that cold you have got. Don't forget to fix you some warm milk and honey :D
    And oh, once again happy birthday, and thanx for the great weekend!
    Take care.
    Hi Kevin! What's up? If only you were right, sadly there are no big parties and hot classmates :( There are only a lot of things to study! Only two weeks lefts and it's your bday party, can't wait to be there! :D Take care, see you soon! xD
    Goedenavond Kevintje! Hoe gaat het met jou? Alles goed? As far as I am concerned, I'm fine but exhausted, too much work, last weekend has been insane! Oh well, it makes money ;) Tot straks!
    As a person who was born in the 80's and watched the Thundercats religiously and had the thundertank, Liono sword and action figure I just have to say I love your avatar.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
    Hello Kevin, right, it's been a while. I don't have internet at home anymore since march. :(
    Hopefully it will be back soon. :) By the way, I got a job! Take care and see you soon :D
    Thank you for checking in, I'm ok. Still no job :( Sorry to hear you've spent a horrible weekend. Were the two m*a*s*h seasons good? I haven't seen it yet. Take care :D
    Hey Dude, what's up? I already quit my new job. It didn't work out well. :(
    Hoping you're ok. See you soon :)
    Hey, are you back home now or still at the boring hotel in torhout? How was your week?
    I started my new job today! No sales tho', but I have seen a few customers. Hopefully next week will be better.
    Hello Kevin, yep it's been a while... I'm doing good, thank you. What about you? How about work? I'll start mine very soon (thursday if everything is ok) and I'll begin with St Truiden/Tongeren area. Crossing my fingers!
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