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  • Thank you, too, for the kind offer to help. :) I know I'll have questions when it gets close to the time we're ready to seriously make plans on moving somewhere else. I was born, raised, and lived all my life in Maryland, but don't feel I have any particularly strong roots to keep me here. My two older sisters live within 100 miles of us, but they're the only close family I have that's left.

    Thanks. I've probably got lots of questions, but I can't really think of any right now. I'll be in touch ;)
    so a person gets VIP when they get a lot of positive reputation? how long does it say VIP under their name?
    Thanks. I don't really understand how the VIP system works, but I guess I feel special.
    To my surprise, I found the service manual myself yesterday, but thanks for your time, anyway. It'll certainly help me with my obsession of taking things apart. I already added a gb of ram a couple of months back and perhaps the nvidia video card could use some better cooling paste because the stuff they put on it is sticky rubbish
    It's an aspire 5920, I appreciate your time. I'm not too into computers like I used to be, but I know exactly how to take anything apart after screwing up a few times. Luckily I've never screwed up the computer, screwdriver<plastic card.. when you're trying to open something
    Service manual? You got me interested, I was never able to find the service manual for my laptop computer. They're usually confidential, which is why hardly any are put online
    Yea I just saw it this morning, thanks :) because I wasn't able to take apart the laptop myself >.<
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