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    Plastic Sheet that krinkles

    All I find is this cheap vynal stuff that tears as soon as I try to put it on.
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    Plastic Sheet that krinkles

    I'm in the US but I think I can ship out
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    Plastic Sheet that krinkles

    I once had a plastic sheet that got old and split and cracked, its no longer usable. I'vebeen trying to find a new one with no success. I was hoping someone could help me find it. Please help a baby who's heart is broken. Kerry
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    Good tasting formula?

    Take a little malt powder to thicken it up a little bit.
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    Good tasting formula?

    Carnation Instant Breakfast + Milk + Clear bottle = Lils perfect breakfast. It makes a great standin for formula
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    OMG Wearable PJamas!

    I saw a commercial for this Wearable stuffed Animals. I want the kitty :D and really did I just write wearable pajamas. I meant wearable stuffed animals. :\
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    A year and a day

    So its come around that it has been a year and a day now that I known my little. I guess that yesterday was my little's birthday. During this year I've come to terms with what it means to be an adult baby and found A loving momma that I was not expecting. I hope that the next year brings more...
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    Tried Fetlife

    I"ve gotten lucky with my experience on FL of course my actual interactions on the site are limited to talk to Uncle Brian since Momma is on skype but in many like with many things YMMV and if you would like to hit me up. I changed my screen name on there its Mommas_Baby_Girl. It was lostlileme...
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    I love mine, Its cute and I got it around February and its held up very well. Mind you my little doesn't use hers often only when she's fully regressed to her youngest age. I haven't leaked when it does happen. I do say go slightly larger than you need because it can be tightened up mine's just...
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    Becoming more and more AB

    Glad to see things are working out for you Mike :) Happy days ahead :D *hugs*
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    Burned my hand and then the little me...

    Well I burned my hand tonight cooking supper. Now it wasn't bad just enough to hurt and make the skin tender and shiny it will be a mild blister. Though when it happened my little side snatched the hand away and started crying. The burn itself didn't really hurt but it terrified her almost...
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    Just joined Fetlife and it was not like I expected.

    Be careful yrs I got lucky to meet mommy and uncle Brian. At least though you know I am "mostly harmless"
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    Just joined Fetlife and it was not like I expected.

    You know sometimes you get lucky and the first people you meet somewhere blows away your expectations. I joined last week and was for the most part open with it about my baby girl. I posted to a hypnosis group looking for someone to redo a recording for a baby regression. An important side is...
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    Just Curious Here

    For me I've always wanted to be a girl. I've always had a case of gender dissonance and spent most of my life trying to come to terms with it. Over the past two years I've been able to dress and express myself as me I have worn pink lace and girls jeans with flowers embroidered on the leg full...
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    sleeping with a paci - Training ?

    I personally have yet to sleep with mine in. If I'm sucking on my paci or its resting in my mouth at night I cant completely drift off. I have to take it out to go to sleep and It makes me :(