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    What's your favorite food?

    Favorite Veggie: Artichoke with manoyse!!! Favorite Fruit: STRAWBERRIES!!!! yummy yummy in my tummy Favorite Dinner Food: Cheeseburger, omg i lve cheeseburgers Favorite Lunch Food: A tuna melt sandwhich Favorite Breakfast Food: eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, all the good stuff Favorite...
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    Hey ppl =]

    Thx for the welcomes, and thx for the advice James I'll remember that =] Now i shall start my posting MUAHAHAHA
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    birthday wish

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Hmmmm i think i wished for a bazillion dollars wheen i was 8.......... and it never came true =P
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    Hey ppl =]

    Hey everyone, since im new here i thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Kyle and im a tb. Im 14 years old and lovin it!! Im going into my freshman year which im phyced for, ive got a gf which i love very much, and im a very energetic teen, woot woot!!!! I am the #1 track runner in my school...