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    Someone should invent diaper tape.

    It can fix anything
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    A story of my morning and some thoughts

    Ok we'll I thought I'd post something since I've not posted in a while but I got started wearing diapers for bed wetting and it's random and it seems that last night it happened and I was not wearing a diaper so I quietly got up (so as to not wake my parents... And yes I still live with them)...
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    My baby!!!! (My skateboard broke)

    ok yeah for got to put it as a longboard... downhill longboard to be exact lol.... i forgot to put it in the discription and the mod changed the tittle to "broke my skateboard" its a landyatchz longboard (switch) and its all maple wood and im just going to leave it and just get another... its...
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    Psycho tricks used by your dentist

    Mines just gets me high on wht they have and puts on the tv and I watch and giggle myself into oblivion till he's done
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    My baby!!!! (My skateboard broke)

    Today it was hit by a car :*( its my first board... my friend says its fixable cause he fixed his before... do you think its worth buying another or should i fix it. if its a fix then how would i go about doing this... he said i could just shave off the rough part and use epoxy and carbon...
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    Pschology class

    Lol we talked about this in my psych class last sem. It was fun. I had a awesome instructor that a got a actuall therapist to do a hypnosis session for the whole class. It wasn't mandatory, you could leave but u could stay and write a paper on your experience for extra credit
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    wearing for convenience

    well i was wondering if there were some that wear just for the convenience. like durring a road trip or durring long school classes or just for the reason of not being near a bathroom etc. was just curious is all
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    Buying Diapers

    i usually go when there is no one in the store like a week night or early on Saturday or Sunday.. they don't really care though... the only thing i don't like is that I'm going to a college and most of the employees are students there... so i usually wonder till some switches out with someone i...
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    what might happen if i speak to a therapist about my ABDL?

    if you wife wants you to go.. is it just for that reason of being a ABDL... if it is then why not talk to here.. and if you do decide to go the therapist then have your wife come in with you so she can understand. like Little Patrick said before me "why do you want to see a therapist" my...
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    Night Time

    I feel like its a psychological thing. If you want to then I guess you could. sometimes I wet when I sleep when i wear a diaper (but that's when pretty much when I get a really good nights rest), but I haven't had a accident when i wasn't wearing. Also i have been pretty much wearing to bed...
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    I'm thinking of going 24/7 for a bit while I'm at college...

    Hello. I've been contemplating this question b4. I'm Goin to be going into my freshman year of college this fall. The only thing I'm worried about is losing control at night (bed wetting)
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    Wish I had a diaper

    Ok so these last few days I have been sleep deprive ... Well these last few weeks actually and the only time I get a full nights rest is when I watch my blind grandfather and spend the night. N last night was not one of them so I only got a 60min rest and then after a while I fell asleep around...
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    Has anyone had a REAL Accident?

    Well yesterday i had a real accident. Recently I went to the hospital for some burns I got on my chest and the doctor reliZed that the "pimples" I had on my back were not pimples anymore but a infection. So I got antibiotics and I was travling from lasvegas to LA in Cali and for breakfast I had...
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    Going to college soon and need some advice

    Ok so I just turned 17 and I will be attending college next fall up in Durango Colorado. So getting my own place is oh of the question... So I'll be staying at the dorm. I really want to try wearin 24/7 but need ideas to help with changing and disposing... I have flannel and cloth diapers that I...
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    Diaper rash?

    I know wht it is but I don't know wht it feels like... I've slept In messy diaper once... (hey we all get curiouse) and I don't use any cream I just use baby powder so I wont chafe. Maybe it's because I'm native American? I don't know but I was wondering if there other like me that don't know...