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    Good! Just got a job, so I was able to buy a new pack of diapers. You?
    Just swinging by to say hello to a friend.
    That's what I said! It would be so cool to have a teddy bear that's almost the size of an actual bear.

    $350 is too steep of a price. I guess it takes tons of materials to make it.

    That or there's probably just not enough demand for giant stuffed bears. lol
    Basil JUMBO 80" from Gund

    I read your comment on that blog and thought I might show you this. lol. :)
    Well, I have asperger's syndrome and social interaction just doesn't stick well for me. :/
    Thank-you for your help. I'm being honest, you were one of the people who stepped in a made me feel good about my self. Thanks. :3
    In case you missed my post in your new thread, as I think we posted at the same time!!

    Take care of yourself & I wish you nothing but the best, moving on!! We will keep your seat reserved & a light on to allow you to find your way back here!! ^_^

    Achievements. completely pointless goals that keep us playing a game in a completely frustrating way.
    Adds at least 10 hours of extra playing time to the game though, so I guess that's cool.

    I have no idea how you can beat megaman without taking any damage. I wouldn't dare try that, you must be gosu
    What does this involve? Beating the game without dying?

    The best achievement I have ever received from a video game, was taking the gnome to the moon in Half Life 2: Episode 2.
    You found a garden gnome at the beginning of the game and would have to pick him up and carry him throughout the entire game, to put him inside of a satallite at the end before you launch it. Quite a complicating burden in a first person shooter where you are trying to fight off aliens.
    cool avatar and signature. the old 8bit game is something i grew up with. all you need is the NES music playing on your profile page to be complete
    Thanks For the friendship RebornKaworu :)

    You have always seemed like a really nice guy on the forums, but i'm usually too shy to add people :p

    thanks it's not easy.I had to cut off a lot of people in my life sum who was good friend's
    but if I stayed friends with them it wood be to easy to slip back to those old habits.
    I if an want as far as to move to a tone war i I have no cuntaks.for you it got to be harder tho.
    you just can't move to A tone were you can't find it that stuff is Avery war.
    thanks for being my friend now if I can stop smoking
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