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  • It’s truly amazing how easily people throw around the shemale term. For those of us that care for and respect transgender women, it’s infuriating. Hope all is well.
    Ok, thank you for the information. Now I know and knowing is half the battle.
    Two things: number one, I'm a girl. I'm trans, but I'm a girl. Number two: shemale is a slur usually used for porn stars. You should probably be aware of that :p
    Honestly, I think seelkadoom has a point, are you a boy or a girl. I don't want to accidentally call you the wrong gender like I do with another individual.
    Hey there great diaper reviews! Also that's cool that you're a twitch streamer. What's your channel? I might watch sometime!
    Hey, KatelynG... I don't know if you just recently made TC, or I just now noticed... Congratulations all the same! -Marka
    I would like to say you have a good story about jason and cassie (I have been reading and laughed a few times) going on and nice having you around ADISC helping others with their problems. I hope you continue to help others and ignore any obstacles in your path.
    Haha I know the feeling. Though I do have plenty of art of my character and my friend's character.
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