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    Biodegradable plastic backed nappies?

    Lots of “biodegradable” products actually just break into tiny tiny pieces and then turns into a worst issue because gets into water and food supply and hard to remove. Micro plastic is an even bigger enviornmental issue
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    Wetting Spurts

    Just try to pee every 10-15 minutes .... you can pee without having an urge ....
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    How Often Are You ABDL?

    I answered as I would have when I lived alone before I had to move back in with my mom. I would go through phases where it was ABDL at the time at home and then periods where it was mixed and periods when I took a break. You still need to cook, clean which a toddler wouldn’t do so there has to...
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    Using HSA for recreational diapers

    How do you guys have extra in that account at end of year? I never had an account but even my mom covers her $200 a year using the leftover portion of her cheap 2 prescriptions, leftover dental/glasses that isn’t covered ...... and she only does maintenance stuff - only hypothyroid as medical...
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    goodnites vs ninjamas

    Ell my waist is 24” ;) and my typical hip measurement is 28” but a bit farther down is 31” but the ninjamas don’t sit at my waist and hence why I use the hips/waist measurement. But I’m measuring every inch and finding where it’s the largest which is actually at the largest part of thighs for...
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    goodnites vs ninjamas

    I LOVE ninjamas - more than goodnites. They don’t sag/leak over the day, there is no press out leak that goodnites have every time, they are quietier so even in my jammies no one can see/hear - the goodnites you totally can hear if dry. They do unfortunately fit like underwear so after a bit...
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    What is the biggest pullup?

    How are these compared to ninjamas? The same size? Smaller?
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    just wondering

    No - I’m way smaller and size 6/7 barely fits on an odd brand - pampers but not others (Huggies, rascals etc). Only goodnites a possible option
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    Diapers and Deity

    God made me. Therefore he made me like diapers. I feel bad on the ecological side because so much garbage is bad for planet (and can’t wash cloth ones living with someone). But never felt bad because of religion .... but it’s not sexual for me so maybe that why doesn’t trigger.... but I’m also...
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    How obvious are Goodnites when worn in public?

    I wear them at home (quiet) in front of my mom who is VERY against ABDL and diapers. Once In a while in a wet/saggy goodnite when I bend over I think she might notice Because it leaves a bump around where the jeans tighten against the wet diaper. i also have wore dry goodnites to restorative...
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    Which of the two Big Diaper Brands (Pampers and Huggies) do you think is more big/famous?

    Luvs not available in Canada anymore (was back in day because that’s what I wore as baby). But not anymore, I have never seen packages of them ever, at least off market for at least last 20 years
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    Which of the two Big Diaper Brands (Pampers and Huggies) do you think is more big/famous?

    Both 100% equal in Canada ..... huggies available are costco so anyone buying there uses only them ....when I babysat most families bought both - assuming whatever was on sale. Both have same shelf space in stores so they sell about the same - but pull ups/goodnites DEFINITELY out compete...
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    Do diapers help you cope?

    Yes and no .... yes they calm me but since Im back living with my mom who HATES them ..... everytime I wear it’s extra anxiety of Will she see .... when/how am I going to get more? And I want my bottle but can’t fill it up (with anything but water ....) with her around plus then I have to figure...
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    Do You Have A Local Ageplay Community?

    I wish I was brave enough ..... I know there are some camps nearish me (couple hours away) because my brother goes as a furry but with chronic pain, major food issues it’s just not possible for me to handle them. Plus as much as I love my brother he is super odd and not sure if I want to be...
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    Is there a reason ABDL companies don't make good booster pads?

    Could you not use cloth diaper inserts? It there is fleece on top - it feels super dry, and adds bulk. ones like ecoable might work