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    Bye Bye ABU! :'( Here's why

    anyway you slice it, this is lame =(
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    New diapers or improvements for 2018!

    If/When they incorporate the Magnifico taping system in the industry they HAVE to adjust the size of the diapers properly, those tapes overlap on skinny people who wear the S/M size.
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    PeekABU delayed :(

    Lol i was flammed about it 5 years ago cause i did blast about it, and i know im not the only one who never had a bad time with ABU Old or NEW.
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    PeekABU delayed :(

    Samsung TV's are BOSS, i have two and the one from 2011 is still more advanced then anything. Plus you can screen share them with your phone and blast amazing travel photos to your friends to show off where you've been. Also, OLD ABU got ALL my money, it was great ! I loved them forever...
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    Diapered to Star Wars Premeire

    This ^ Always this.
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    Does anyone else mix it up with different brands?

    This thread being here right now is so funny cause I literally just went over-board and ordered 600 bucks worth of diapers today lmao ! .... i have never splurged this much in my life on em at one time. And even though I do have a substantial stash already totalling in the 100's comprising of...
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    The School Diaper Week

    Get ready i am going to flip this WHOLE thread on its head ... Can we settle this thread now ? PS @ OP: I wana know how the diapered school week went lol
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    A question for my parent, your opinions

    7000 posts trevs, nice !
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    Thanksgiving message

    Im all for the gathering of loved ones and sharing love with one another, as i think it should be everyday, however.. those sum it up for this country. More then one gruesome injuries too,(amputations ect.) Also its funny how everyone goes from being so thankful and grateful for what...
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    The thickest diaper to rule them all?

    its not you ...
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    MTV's True Life Adult Baby Episode Airs 10/26/2016

    What does this mean ? TLC ?
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    Messing and Clean up

    This is how one person who has to do it 24/7 deals with it EVERYDAY in 5 easy steps; 1: Lay on your back on a changing mat and un-tab the diaper. 2: Using the front (hopefully clear of any 'messy' debris) portion of the diaper make a firm wipe starting from a clean area on your bottom. 3...
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    Quick advice: 4 hour plane trip, Dry 24/7 or Bellissimo?

    Id go with a Dry 24/7 in case any TSA happen to check it looks regular and non AB related.
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    Sleeping Without Protection - Research Related Question. No Fantasies.

    Sometimes I literally dream that im using a bathroom toilet or outside behind a tree and I pull it out and start to urinate, as this is happening I'll notice in the dream that it feels extremely real and this usually wakes me up cause this is a reoccuring thing and I know what it means outside...
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    Bed Protection

    I found a fully encased waterproof bed cover at Wal-Mart for around 40 -50 $ and that has been great. Its not plastic so it doesn't eventually wear out or crease and crack and rip. After that comes the the washable under pad, I forgot how many inches but its a goodly size, and then the regular...