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  • Updated profile! If you are looking for friends in Oklahoma or Tulsa feel free to kik me at KakashoLin
    AHH man! That does sound like fun. I've had some family talk about going on a cruise before, and it sounded like fun. I think we're going to try to do it someday, as a family trip. But yeah, road-trips are fun. I've gone on a few before, mostly just going to different places around the State. But hopefully I'll take one sometime out of state. There's a few things, that I'd love to see.
    Sounds like fun. Where'd you go? / What did you get to do? I've never really gone on vacations. I've only left Oklahoma a handful of times. I've just never been one for traveling.
    I've been alright. You? I'm gonna be on SL tonight. I've got this big flying clubhouse for all the Diaperventurers to ride in when we are journeying on an expidition.
    Hey, KakashoLin!!! I haven't seen you on Second Life since November!!! I miss ya!!! Raikira has been gone for awhile too. Anyways, that club we started (The Diaperventurers) has grown a bit and I set us up a clubhouse!!!

    So, how've you been?

    hi KakashoLin

    I am doing good. Been very busy, but i cant complain.

    I hope you have a awesome week there!


    - Will
    Not much exciting going on for me. I might try to go see Star Wars in 3D this weekend, but that might be it.
    Doing pretty good here too. Just doing my usual checking my online stuff before I get ready for bed. Are you a sports fan? Did you catch the Superbowl? I'm a so-so sport fan. I enjoy watching them, and when I get a chance to go see games, I love it. But it's not an absolute must that I go or that I see it. I'm not a fan of either team that played, but it was a pretty good game. I like getting to go see the Thunder play too. But once again, I'm not a huge Basketball fan. But it's a fun experience getting to go to the games. Got anything going on this week?
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