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    told a friend

    I'm so glad it went well. I have done this in the past but not recently. I have found that it helps to phrase it in a way that focuses on how it helps as coping mechanism. Most times people can be empathetic, but as you said, choose wisely
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    Thought this was interesting!

    That must have been a good day. I do remember pacifiers being big in the 90's
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    Thought this was interesting!

    Came across this article and it immediately peeked my interest. I always love it when ABDL related activities enter the main stream, especially when it's presented in a way that non ABDL's can relate to...
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    Baby oil, diaper cream and baby powder

    I use baby lotion and baby powder a lot. Using baby lotion feels realy good, in my opinion, and helps prevent rashes ive noticed.
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    Coming out and wearing 24/7

    One way I have done it in the past was to say I was an abdl, which the friend never heard of. So I gave him a website to check out, as was said above, is a great source for non-abdls, and told him to look it up when I wasnt arround. It took a lot of nervousness...
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    Do you prefer tape or pants style diapers?

    I prefer tape style. Used them when I was younger and they feel more "babyish" to me. I do enjoy having the pants types at time though, because they are easier to pull down if i need to run to the bathroom in public.
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    I have been playing with LEGO bricks...

    I love Legos. That's good you are able to enjoy them while regressing.
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    2018 Baby Goals?

    I would like to aquire abdl diapers and adult paci. No more depends, lol
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    So You Want to Become Incontinent?

    This has been a wish of mine for a long time. I know however that its not all it's cracked up to be and I would regret any permanent modifications to make it a reality. But still fun to fantasize about.
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    New diapers or improvements for 2018!

    The peek abu's look awsome. Cute as hell and hopfully as good as the boasting.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    None at the moment...grrrrrr
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    Regression fears

    Totally understand the anxiety, but I'm sure it was the greatest time ever. Kindof like a scary roller coaster that you just want to end untill it does, then you're like "let's do that again". Hope you had fun.
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    New Years Eve in time square tv coverage

    This is awsome. I love how they were so upfront about it. Not even shy, lol
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    Some of my fears

    It is very difficult to come out and discuss this with a significant other. My wife knows and accepts it but it does cause some tension at times. My advice is to discuss how it feels emotionally. It helped me to explain it when I discussed it from an insecure point of view and talked about my...
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    A Double Dose of "Different": Disorders and Diaper Loving

    I am so pleased to read this. I have pondered the same things about sensory stimuli and the conection between the spectrum and infantilism. Working with kids on the spectrum ive noticed many stimming activities which are not too dissimilar to infantilist needs and desires. Things like needing...