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    Interacting with other littles

    Wow your post is spot on! I just thought that being with other ABDLs would magically allow myself to open up lol guess I just need to keep at it and take it all in stride :p thanks Trevor!
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    Interacting with other littles

    Hi everyone! Wanted to ask something that's been bugging me for a bit. I'm at capcon this weekend and I'm having a ton of fun but one thing is stopping me from truly enjoying the whole experience. I'm having a difficult time interacting with the other littles. When I'm in my room I can be little...
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    ABDL Conventions this is the website for Capcon. Going for the first time this year and I'm also a little bit scared. Maybe we can gather all the newbies going this year and get to know each other prior to going to ease our anxieties :p
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    Getting ABU Space diapers?

    Abu ships there diapers very discreetly. Plain cardboard box and taped well. Only thing you gotta worry about is someone at home getting your package
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    Why It Is The Way It Is

    I know we are not born with it, but I feels like this has always been a part of me. Earliest I can remeber was stealing some pull ups from my brother when i was 4. From there i was always trying to find diapers (This was without knowing why, I just wanted to). Fast forward to when I was 11 and I...
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    Snuggies Waddler Overnight Review

    Haven't had any issues with the Tykables overnight so far. Re-taped it about 5 times last night and had no issues with tapes popping or anything. It a great diaper and feels super soft :3
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    Hi from Florida

    I'm down in Miami
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    Hi from Florida

    Hi Boopsicle :smile: I'm kinda new around here myself. what part of Florida you from?
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    Hi everyone!

    Hey guys! you can call me Julz :), I recently made an account here on ADISC but have been lurking around here for about 8 years now. Two months ago I went to a counselor and one of the main things we would speak about is my diaper fetish. It has always been apart of me but I was never able to...