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    Thanks Twitter...

    If she following you ? if so you could block her, or I would suggest having a second account for NSFW stuff and alternating between them.
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    ADISC Personality Types?

    Was talking about this test with someone recently, I most often test as ISTP Which I notice im the only one on this thread so far D:
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    Suggestion Discord AFK channel

    This is a pretty decent idea, lately been getting people trying to use the PTT channel as an afk channel and its rather disruptive for those that use it.
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    Pirate Bay to be blocked in Australia

    Its literally a meaningless ban, the ISP providers just did the weakest possible legal ban
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    Suggestion Can we please change discord server region?

    Seconded, had problems with 3-4 days with the adisc voice connection. But not any other server or region
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    Suggestion 2 new channels for discord

    Third-ed Yeah for anyone who isnt into RP or an ab, when it breaks into extended RP in the Voice chat it pretty much shuts down the channel.
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    Underscares - Oh it's real alright!

    It is a marketing ploy, but its not a fake. The rules of kickstarter wouldn't allow them to do it if the product wasn't legitimate/their intent was false. Its entertainment but its real, a company like that wouldn't open themselves to liability in such a manner
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    Underscares - Oh it's real alright!

    Its reusable and if its high quality that isn't unreasonable in terms of price but it also comes with the game so its its $55 for a game and the diaper.
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    Stupidest thing you've done this week.

    Log into Adisc, also easter egg all my recent posts.
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    IE had it with it ! switched to Fire fox

    Xkcd already addressed this =) Personally I love chrome its highly functional, fast and user friendly.
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    Scariest moments in Gaming.

    Scariest gaming experience for me, League of Legends solo Queue ranked D:
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    I just can't understand!

    From what I can see from the history of reword this is a mixture of Poe's law and uncanny valley. I have no idea of how to take this, how can one not intellectually understand that people can enjoy things that they personally cant. I agree plus when it comes down to it if you focus on the big...
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    OCE League of Legends

    I play both Na and Oce as Aidy knows My NA is SchrodingersSpy like here :P and my OCE is Blind Blobfish
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    Haha fair enough, feel free to be as random as you need to be ^^

    Haha fair enough, feel free to be as random as you need to be ^^