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    Thanks dinosaurface. I hope so too
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    I am not.

    I totally can relate for the same reason. Also I grew up with a controlling workaholic mother if thigs where not done her way it was wrong. Needless to say I developed the attitude why try I'm just going to do it wrong. My self confidence is very low.
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    BTW...Love your avatar! Thanks
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    How do I edit the title
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    Dr Phil Takes on ABDL

    I totally agree I think he handle to really well. I must add I'm a huge Dr. Phil fan so I might be a little impartial.
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    Hi there everyone

    Welcome and have fun.
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    New feature on Unique Wellness diapers

    The old style you had two shots to get the tape right. On the new style with that landing zone you can fasten and unfasten the tape as many times as you need to get it right
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    New feature on Unique Wellness diapers

    In my opinion it's worth every penny
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    New feature on Unique Wellness diapers

    I have a picture of the front with the writing but I'm have trouble with my phone. I'll have it up as soon as I can.
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    New feature on Unique Wellness diapers

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    What cell phone do you have?

    I have a galaxy s3 upgrading to a s4 soon.
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    New feature on Unique Wellness diapers

    I brought some they are great. They fit a little smaller then the old type but they absorb 10 times more and a lot faster. even when its filled to near capacity I still feel dry in them. I've worn them all day and they never leaked I don't think I can make them leak if I tried. The only reason I...
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    I'm thankful my wife didn't divorce me. Right now as long as she don't see it it's ok. I hope to one day be able to walk around the house with a pacifier and in just a t-shirt and diaper and that would be okay with that
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    Busted by a pacifier

    I got caught sleeping with a pacifier by mom a couple of time. She come in my room and take it out my mouth and throw it away. After I would wake-up I would get teased about it. That was embarrassing!