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  • I'll be thinking about you and good luck when you start school. For the record, I'm glad I don't have to teach high school math. It was always my weakest subject, ironically. I did take a per-calculus class 11 years ago and squeaked by with an A. I amazed myself, but I studied 4 hours every day/night. You hang in there and keep me posted occasionally, or what ever is comfortable for you. Your friend.
    Hi. I've been pretty well, staying busy. We have our church Christmas cantata that I've been trying to teach to the choir. School has been very busy. Now I help teach 7 (count them)..7 classes of math. We went to a block system with 8 periods a day, all because we failed the math SOL's big time. The state inspectors are coming in January. I'm glad I'm an assistant and not a teacher...haha. Between my church music director job and being an Instructional Assistant, and make as much if not more than a starting teacher.

    How are things going for you. Are you still living with your brother. I hope school is okay? You're a good guy and I hope life has gotten a little better. Hugs.
    Hi! It has been a while. I've been hanging around the site saying either insightful things (haha) or outrageous things depending on the thread. I also wrote my traditional Halloween story, "The Un-training of Stanley Kaminski" about a husband and wife having hypno CD wars. They both lose. Work still keeps me busy, but I have been back working on the novel. I hope all is well with you? I'm sure you've been busy too.
    thanksies =P its me with my paci+favorite plushie =D
    no problem =P...btw your avatar is like... THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!!! =D
    I know what you mean about wanting to take him everywhere. One day I really wanted to bring Teddy to school. He wanted to go too. So he did. My fursona is a wolf too! Just remember, I am not the alpha! I never really like being in charge. Unless no one knows I'm in charge. Then it's damn fun!
    D:> Thats HORRIBLE!!! *hugs* But that is a freaking ADORIBLE name! I'm actually a little jelly, I love wolves!
    Thanks! Actually, that is the teddy i have had since i was 5, so cleverly named Teddy. I love him, and sleep/snuggle with him occasionally, but usually I sleep/snuggle with Timmy. Teddy is usually fine with this, but sometime he gets sad, then I huggle him into oblivion!
    So, how have you been Jter? What have you been up to this summer? I hope you have a great day, and keep safe!
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