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    Find out if your friends are secretly abdl

    I figured out how to tell if a friend is AB/DL. If diapers have more meaning to an AB/DL and also if your friend is secretly an AB/DL, then they will probably act weird if you mention it. (Reference: You can also look for any...
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    Hiding Spots

    I have a pretty good hiding spot that nobody has found but I'm starting to doubt its overall effectiveness. It's only a 1x1x1 foot box (just a guess on the size) labeled "storage" at the top of my closet because my stash usually fits inside of it. If I were to ever end up in a situation where I...
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    What if...

    What if every year around christmas everyone opened a PO box and everyone had packs of diapers mailed to eachother, like a secret santa.
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    Diapered at a rave!

    I think in the music video for "Rock N Roll" by skrillex has a person at one of his concerts with a pacifier. It's hard to find and only an ABDL would notice it.
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    Diaper art

    Has anyone here ever thought about putting art on diapers? Like drawing cute designs if you don't have a diaper with them, or just making them prettier.
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    MLP pullups

    It would be great if they made those in a larger size but I'm sure Lauren Faust is already weirded out by the cloppers.
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    I was playing skyrim and realized that when I remove clothes from my character, it looks like I'm wearing a diaper at some angles. I know oblivion has a diaper mod but sadly I don't have oblivion. Does anyone else see any diaper related content in some video games?
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    Does anyone here have pets? What do you think goes through their mind when they see you diapered? I have a female tuxedo cat named missy, she's very strange and does alot of wierd things. She probably doesn't even care because I do wierd things around her already.
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    Purpose of a diaper

    What is everyone's reason(s) they wear diapers? For me it started out as a kink but later I found out that they comfort me and can help me get through at times. I used to get freaked out by pointless things, in fact I'm still scared of the dark at times. Diapers can really help me relax because...
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    How many of y'all are diapered up right now?

    Sadly I am not.
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    How old were you when you started using diapers?

    I started only trying them on and then putting them back at 5, then later I wrapped toilet paper around myself and used it as a diaper in 4th grade. In 7th grade I began making advanced make shifts, today I wear real ones when I am able to.
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    Proper Makeshift

    Has anyone ever tried to make a makeshift like a proper diaper to every detail? (even buy some SAP for it) Here's my idea: Get a walmart bag and cut it as the shape of a diaper for plastic backing. Add many layers of toilet paper and maybe even get some SAP in the bottom, or put a shamwow...
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    Am I the only one who does this?

    Sometimes I will put some gel like pump soap in the back if I can't mess, it's alot nicer than cleaning up my own waste.
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    Diapers in Gaming

    I recently found my DS lite and along with it, animal crossing: wild world. The game has brought tons of nostalgia but I decided to make a new game and start from the beginning. I named my character 'Jonny DL' and named the town 'ADISC', I'm filling the game with diaper related content and it...
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    Have any of you ever made an actually really good makeshift? Once I made a diaper out of a lot of toilet paper, wal mart bag, duct tape, and part of a sham wow. It could handle a lot of wettings and the walmart bag gave it a nice crinkle, also the amount of toilet paper used made it very thick.