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  • Hmm...now I think I know which Jon you are. There have been so many, i had to sort out my memories. I remember always getting confused about the two Jo(h)ns back in the days when you two had your complete first name as your username and you had to read every letter carefully to figure out which one was which :eek:
    Yo! got any extra towers laying around homie? I got money, I dont even care if its a Pentium 2, I just need something for net use, selling mine off tomorrow @ 4PMish,
    You really should visit man!
    TBE might be coming up some time in July so you should see about meeting up with us, that is, if your still in St. Joe!
    Holla! (PM me D: )
    Whats up dude, you still alove, we used to talk alot on aim, now I havn't seen you on in like 7 months.
    Do you get to drive the Zamboni???

    I want to drive a Zamboni...how do you get that job???

    and I'm totally serious - I've had this dream to drive a Zamboni since I was in high school....it looks like so much fun...
    same here like i spend alot of days from right after school till 10 p.m.

    and everyone ask me how i do it if i whine about how tired i am all the time my response : Its a drug you hate it you know its bad for you but you keep going back for more ..
    ehh im a technician to be exact.. as my signature says im a light chick.. yeah i turn 'em on. But i also do alot of improv
    ha sorry i dindt reply i was realy busy this weekend i was busy with theatre
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