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    Well out of order....

    i ussualy keep quiet about my views on the whole ab/dl lifestyle but some how i feel betrayed when wanting other people to accept this community and not think were a bunch of weirdos,however i cant help but blame them when you visit sum websites or video websites daily d for example where you...
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    Trisha Show Uk AB/DL Take A Look !

    Here a video i found on the tube i dunno if its been posted on here before it and let me know wot you u think :) YouTube - Trisha Goddard Adult Baby Show
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    Do suck Paci/Thumb while falling asleep?

    i Suck my thumb and paci but thumb all the time paci rarely :p
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    My last rant/review bout 24/7 (good)

    shame there not in uk :(
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    Bambinos Too Expensive?

    lol rabbit take a chill pill man u obviously have 'TOO' much time on your hands...i was just asking...
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    Bambinos Too Expensive?

    I think there the best thing out there in terms of quality, however they are charging too much considering we are in this global recession, what do you think?
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    To DLs: Do you have TB/AB feelings?

    im a dl/tb because i suck my thumb always anyway so its constantley there and have gopt a couple of pacis but its ussualy more dl
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    What do you wear over your diaper?

    White boxers are good u shud try it!
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    Pampers underjams

    not in uk :(
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    Hey im new

    hey im new to this site im 18 male uk and have been a tb/dl for like years or longest i can remeber and have been know allot about infantalism as a whole and have watched it change over the years and much its grown is amazing but yea im gonna update profile and stuff when i can. cheers