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  • Couldn't not say hi, when it's Archer! I freakin' LOVE Archer... so yeah. Hello! :worshippy:
    Hey, just thought I would drop a line and say nice profile. I think Archer is awesome! :thumbsup:
    umm.. archer? is thst you? its miku we used to be friends before they requiered you fo be 18 on here... if its not sorry for bugging you.
    Hey, sorry, I'm a bit rude. thanks for the complement....I should have responded earlier. I've been sorta poppin in and out of the site. :D
    If I'm visiting other family for a week or so, then that's the longest I go without. It's not like I need it every day though, I've been over a month of having no interest in it at all. I hope you can get a chance soon however :)
    Yeah 2nd year is a lot more work. I have indulged a bit; I keep a stash at my mum's house, so when I visit I can smuggle a few nappies in my travel bag for when I come back. Plus even though I'm in a shared house during term time, we all have locks on our doors ;)
    Hey man uni's pretty good mate, glad it's the easter break for the moment! How's things for yourself?
    Quite well, actually. Everything is on the up and up! Trying to enjoy the moment. :)

    Just read your message, Thanks :) I chose it, cause I love American dad, and can be a bit like Steve sometimes :p
    Hey, yeah it's been a while. My interest comes and goes so I'll probably stick around for a few weeks only to leave again for a few months ;p
    I've been busy adjusting to work-life, what have you been up to?
    A bit of them, I watched the opening ceremony and it surprisingly washed away a lot of my cynicism about the event and I rather enjoyed it. I've watched bits and pieces of other events including swimming, synchronised diving (it was on before the Hungarian GP highlights :p), men's gymnastics and the women's road race and it's been alright. What about you?
    It was good thanks, like I said in the blog the security line was ridiculous but the weather was pretty good most days and thanks to a website my uncle found that showed which parks were least busy on a particular day we never had that much of a problem with queues for stuff. However the entire teenage population of Brazil seemed to be there as there were huge numbers of tour groups of all Brazilian teenagers at every park we went too. Great fun all in all.

    So how has your summer been so far?
    Well none where advertising anything a few weeks ago but that might of changed now, that said some of the supermarket websites seemed horrible to navigate to find a job I was qualified for.
    Not great, I may have a place somewhere assuming it hasn't been filled while I've been in Florida but if it has then I'm back to square one again.
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