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  • Oh i'm so sorry you aren't feeling well ~hugs~ but i'm glad you've had so much little time! Yes I have your blog but I don't see it very often, I have trouble reading as of late
    I'll give you one as I'm a bit tired stillI am going to get that cookie » My ABDL Life It's very good as it is, the drawing's perfect but this is how I'd of phrased the narrative:
    "Laying low, this time I sure will get the cookie as it's been over day since my last one but wait, maybe I can hide behind these toys?"
    I feel you get more into the mindset of the fox cub for voicing how he'd be feeling without using many more words.
    For a few ideas on how to write a full topic based entry with some heart, you could do worse than study some of mine.
    What about this?

    Happy that you like it. What do you think about my writing? I have add your site to my blog to :)
    I follow it now. Have you check my blog up?

    My ABDL Life » A blog about my ABDL life
    Hai. Welcome to Adisc. I just wanted to say real fast, "chan" is a suffix. :p It shouldn't be capitalized, either. The correct way to add it to your name would be "Joanne-chan".

    Just a little tip.
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