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    What are you?

    Name: JimmyWolf Species: Wolf Appearance: See avatar Personality: Shy, fun, happy and playful Likes to chase things!
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    Favorite Babyfur artist

    Reva (who seems to have developed a cult looking at most of the responses), Jade Fox, Levithon (or Levithan it seems to vary), Marci and Astolpho
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    Get to know your fellow ADISCers... Plushies!

    Starting Out 1: What's your name? Aero 2: How old are you? 4 1/2 3: Describe yourself! Do you wear clothes, what colour's your fur.. I'm a bee (odd considering i'm owned by a wolf furry) so my fur is black and yellow 4: What do you think makes you unique? I has LAZOR eyes, i am a good liar Your...
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    hmmm.... being a Philosophy student, i've had to debate this in class. Its really interesting what came up. For: The person who wants to die owns their body, therefore they have the right to destroy it. If someone is in a lot of pain surely it would be better to end their suffering Against...
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    DL references in GTA

    i've never really like the GTA games. They've never been deep enough. I'm a Final Fantasy guy (FFXII sucked though, none of the characters were properly developed) Also no AB/DL jokes
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    Uh...Need Help!!!

    i think you should probably tell your girlfriend. Its going to be a hard ride though, and i can appreciate that it will be hard to tell her. Its not something that you can just do. I think that AshleyAshes is being a bit insensitive in that department. You have to prepare for a lot of outcomes...
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    where do you wear your diaper

    at home, i am a naturally paranoid person, so wearing them outside of my house is a VERY rare occasion. The only time i've ever worn outside of my own home is at a fellow TB's house (and there is no risk of anyone even thinking i'm wearing a diaper there :P)
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    Cutest Animal

    scary?? how can a small wolf cub chewing on grass be scary lol. Also those other wolf cub pics were cute
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    UK Babyfur meets

    well i probs wouldn't say no to a babyfur meetup. But i do a lot of travelling in the holidays so finding time would be hard
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    Cutest Animal

    this one, without a doubt. wolves cubs are very cute
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    If you had a chance to become a Furry Would you become one?

    this may come a surprise to many people, but they are apperently testing ideas for the creation of animal/human hybrids. Personally i'm quite scared of the entire idea. A sentient cow is neither an appealing prospect, nor a needed one. On the other hand..... REAL LIFE FURRIES!! But yes back to...