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    In case you pop on here again, Tits Lancing

    In case you pop on here again, Tits Lancing
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    Bedwetting 'technique'.

    This isn't a good method, as it puts you on the path to alcoholism.
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    I Need Some Help for Tomorrow

    go for their storebrand briefs, they won't disappoint you like goodnites undoubtedly will. But make sure they say disposable briefs, otherwise they won't be tape-on or you're literally just picking up underwear.
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    Need help with an evolution question.

    To Isla Nublar with this, post haste!
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    would you?

    You need to make sure safety is your first concern, if you don't know the guy too well, I'd suggest starting your meet in a public area, that way if you get any bad vibes you can just leave and don't have to worry about being secluded with a stranger who really creeps you out. You could even...
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    When I read this I was thinking in terms of Oblivion, and was debating asking if you knew the Grey Fox. This shattered my hopes and dreams though :(. But is nonetheless an awesome thing to do.
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    I'm Losing Him...

    At this point in your brother's life, everything in it needs to go wrong before he can comprehend that it needs fixing and he needs to start fixing it. Personally, if I were you parents, I'd tell he's no longer welcome at the house until he gets his act together, which would then force him to...
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    You a county boy? Ever pick potatoes? Hate people who go to Bar Harbor?
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    Hey all!

    Hi Nikki, As you'll likely find out soon, there are many member who still wet the bed at your age and even later, if you search around you should be able find how they kept it all from getting them down. I noticed from your profile that you like LoL and anime. I, personally used to play LoL a...
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    I am TheGhost

    Too bad you're just TheGhost, and not Space Ghost. I feel you should communicate with us more. Perhaps tell us how you choose your name, or tell us the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow. We, like the IRS, always like to know at least something about you.
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    Suggestion Member of the Month

    This use to happen back when the newsletter was in circulation, I think the writers got too busy and stopped doing it, this would make a decent excuse to start the newsletter up again.
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    Kids today are so disrespectful today, Why?

    There's a good chance that the girl you saw, had some sort of disorder, which would explain how the mother was so calm about it.
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    I'm not telling my kids that diapers are for baby's

    Children want to be mature and appear more like adults, they copy and observe everything we do. It is rarely that a parent says diapers are for babies, but more that the children connect the dots. Everyone organizes their knowledge into schemas, or groups, think of a toy you used to play with...
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    Miss you Shuk, hope to see around againe some day.

    Miss you Shuk, hope to see around againe some day.