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  • You're lonely because you've betrayed DotA :)

    I am not lonely because I have angry people telling me how much of a noob I am! Better than nobody saying anything, right?
    It's pretty good - the short was kind of aimed at kids, anyway. They've shown sneak peeks, but it'll air April 5th.
    More than one lol. And not even LoL.

    First things first (and not second things first (how perverse)) - I'm hosting a German student and I'm out a lot for the next three weeks.

    Second, AWESOME

    Third, the AWESOME does not stem from the LoL switchage. I tried that out and was blinded by the light. Also, all the characters sound like kids - even the ones that aren't kids! Seriously, what's with that? The game is fun, and I did enjoy it, but I simply didn't want to go through the entire learning process again. I'm looking forward to IceFrog's DotA release on Steam - I hear he's working with Valve or something. Very cool!
    Your avatar has a spiffy hat.
    Why thank you. Your avatar reminds me of peanut butter spread. No offense, that's a good thing :p
    Hey...I'm allergic to nuts! *sneezes and gets a rash, then sprays his lunch all over the place and passes out*
    Sweet user name man. Once had a chem class in high school where we did all of our labs in groups. We were supposed to name our groups after something sciencey, but we called our Team: All Glory to the Hypno Toad. So yeah, high five to you I gues.

    One of the Inglourious Basterds.
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