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  • FROM THE ASHES I RISE. Also, the hell. I come on for the first time in like, a couple months and I have a message. Hi. And the Ninja and Dancing emoticons from old skype looked really similar on tiny laptop monitors!
    I was just over on the east side. While it can be fun to visit, I prefer the west. I hope you're liking it.

    I don't know if Brando would forgive the mix-up, but I like to think that Cary Grant wouldn't mind.
    Nah, just don't post anymore. Back when I stopped, there wasn't much worth talking about. And now it's been so long, I'd feel weird if I just started participating again.
    Haha...shows you how dense I am with this program. Anyway, thanks for the request. I always enjoy what you have to say and your wit.
    Re: HogansHeroes beating you to the report button:

    I feel your pain brother... :p
    Awesome! I'm glad to hear this.

    It was only a matter of time before the ladies fell prey to your fro. : )
    Your face when that lonely dude in the background. :(

    THE STRETCHING! Leme put dat in spoiler tags.
    Call me the Pied Piper, or the Peter Piper - whichever one is better for sucking kids into a vortex. Or cave. Whichever.
    Hey now, I'll bet there are some clean cheap prozzies. Let's not get judgemental :p
    I have not gone away, just ducked down to let the drama die off, and discovered that coming back was harder to do than I thought. For now, I lurk, waiting- nay- praying for a thread that piques my interest enough to sink my teeth into, but when I wade through the 1,048 new posts from just a 2 day absence, invariably it's not there.


    Your coat is looking shiny and supple, I hope you are well =D
    I hear you, man -- talking over a forum can be hard. ;/ There are lots of people, like you, Point, and H3g3l, that I'd love to interact with on a more regular basis!
    I acknowledge existence, sir! EXISTENCE DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ME! Actually, I end up missing most of these messages because I suck bawlz. -_^
    You mean more Phoenix Wright related stuff?

    Damn you, I might actually have to go look for them >.<
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