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    Sudden bedwetting

    See the DOC
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    hot weather

    I prefer plastic backer diapers like better dry tranquility. in the summer I'm wearing seni cloth-backed. with the hi padding A Rilley good diaper.
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    Found a new medical supply store!!

    I like brick and mortar stores
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    What’s the best part about wearing a diaper for you? What’s the worst part?

    The best is no wet bedding or less laundry and no pissy pants. The worst is the Diaper rash and cost$.
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    A gift for the ABDL community!

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    ? for those who wear to bed

    plastic sheets underpads and good thick can try a wet sensor, you put it in your diaper and it sets off an alarm when you wet.
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    If you had the option to where baby diapers what brand and why?

    If Olney pampers were made in adult size.
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    Diapers and significant other

    I have not told my lady friend that I'm a bedwetter. I think she has seen my pull-ups peeking up. Fear of rejection keeps me from saying the words.
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    Favorite Diaper to wear?

    Seni super plus or crinklz
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    How can I overcome the embarrassment of buying diapers at the store

    I was at the local drug store standing in line with my depend real fits and attends diapers. The clerk was shacking his face turned red. I had to walk him through it scan the bags hit tottle, tack the money. another clerk came to his register to ring up people, and a manager shod up to...
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    Well its official...

    For me, the bedwetting came first then the diapers. Iv grew to love them
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    Bedwetting Again.

    That is what the diaper is for.
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    Am I the only one that prefers cloth backed diapers?

    I just found a cloth-backed adult diaper that I like called Seni. it has a waistband front and back a hi pad leak guards. It is thick and holds a lot, it really swells up in a heavy wetting but dos tend to sag. I think this is my new summer diaper.
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    Sleeping in diapers

    If I do not wear my diaper at nite I can't sleep. I do switch brands.
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    What diaper should buy?

    Your choices may be limited to stock on their shelves. You are a medium. Tri tena or Depend store brand. Don't forget the whips and diaper rash cream. Good luck.