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    Hey everyone

    Welcome! I see you have a life similar to mine!
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    Recreating Pampers designs

    These are actually pretty darn good recreations. I like the designs used on the Cruisers line around 2008/2009 more, however.
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    Source Filmmaker ABDL Artwork

    Water and regular diapers make for a fun combo, right?
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    Do you like your diaper dry, wet, or soaked?

    The first wetting and feeling it swell is usually the best. It's even more fun when it's even wetter than that.
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    Comment by 'Jayden123' in album 'Jayden123's Source FIlmmaker ABDL Artwork' Excuse the Sonic characters. I didn't make the thumbnail.
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    The Three Amigos (Idea)

    I don't know where else to post this. I've always thought about having a trio of characters to muck about with in Source Filmmaker (not to make pictures, unless you guys want some!). I know that one is an ordinary person, another is an other-worldly being and a third one being the ABDL of the...
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    Source Filmmaker ABDL Artwork

    Sounds like somebody doesn't want their wet diaper changed!
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    Source Filmmaker ABDL Artwork

    lol. Of course, he'll need a change afterwards.
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    Source Filmmaker ABDL Artwork

    Kiddo loves wrestling, and having a soggy diaper turns him on and helps him fight better.
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    Vintage Tena Slip Maxi Pics?

    No worries: I've realised that my custom texture may be better after all. Anybody got any good quality images of the vintage plastic Tena Slip Maxi diapers? I could defintely use 'em as a skin for the SFM diaper model that I use! Would appreciated if it's all folded out and flat with as little...
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    Pampers Cruisers Designs (2006 - 2009)

    Sorry to bring this up, but found these great images on eBay. Problem is that they're folded and not flat.
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    Pampers cruisers new designs!!!

    Same. Always preferred the designs used in the late 00s however.
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    Pampers cruisers new designs!!!

    New designs, you say? Mind sharing an image? I'm curious.
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    Pampers Size 8 Pics?

    Yeah, they started producing Size 8s last year, IIRC.
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    Pampers Size 8 Pics?

    Any good clean images of a Pampers size 8 diaper laid out flat? I wanna get it into SFM with as few wrinkles and creases as I can! This was the best I could do with whatever images I could quickly find on Google.