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    Little sleeper keeper, back in stock !

    I have pj’s of themand I am agile enough to open and close them by myself (me = male :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:)
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    How is your diaper now?

    Mine (a Tena with insert) should be changed as it is quite full and bulky. But I think I’ll wait a little longer as I really like that feeling
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    Will be a long wait tho, it’s July 4th, 2022

    Will be a long wait tho, it’s July 4th, 2022
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    I hope to go to their concert next year (being postponed twice):D

    I hope to go to their concert next year (being postponed twice):D
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    Let's talk the Twitter Crowd

    yep they did, although it ran on animal power rather that electricity :ROFLMAO:
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    Let's talk the Twitter Crowd

    Twitter provides easy access to people and is therefor prone to ridiculing others who don’t fit the ‘norm’ (whatever that is). Although I think the same can be said for (many) other social media platforms…
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    Favorite megamax color

    I see my preference merely as an sentimental statement than an actual ‘I wish they would make’ request (and in the same ballpark where people are asking for adult version of baby diapers = it’s not going to happen). Also, I think it’s about time that companies shift marketing incontinence...
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    Favorite megamax color

    I choose white as I like that color the best. To be honest, the blue and black look more as if I’m wearing makeshift diapers with a trashbag. I might try the pink but the tye dye don’t do much for me (although I would like to see them first). When I first started wearing diapers there wasn’t...
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    Northshore Megamax sizing

    Take in consideration that I’m 185cm tall and weigh 61,5Kg. And I do not have a very big waste so the flaps tend to overlap. I would go for the small size unless you have a bigger waste. I have 2 packs, and maybe will order the small size next time.
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    Northshore Megamax sizing

    Put one on when going to bed and yes, the Megamax has obviously stepped up the size and I could also have gone for the small instead of the medium size. Not that I mind, it gives some extra room to fill if I want to go for really bulky :D As I wanted to try the size first, concerning the...
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    Northshore Megamax sizing

    Try-fitted the Megamax and fir now it seems to have the same fit as the Betterdry. Will try later (not sure when yet) a proper fit
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    Your Favorite Bottlefeeding Drinks!

    I like chocolate milk for now as I haven’t been a Little many times, so it might extend to more in the future. maybe I can try formula or something similar :giggle:
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    Northshore Megamax sizing

    Amsterdam, I have to work tomorrow, so have to wait until I get home at 6pm (it’s 10:30pm here now….
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    Northshore Megamax sizing

    I will receive my first pack of megamax medium tomorrow (I usually wear medium: Tena, Betterdry). Wait and see :)
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    Does anybody have theories on how/why you became an ABDL

    In hindsight I can think of a few As I recently discovered I’m also into BDSM, giving away control is part of it, and needing diapers as a child were a part of having no control (longing back) I don’t have a mommy or daddy, but being taken care of is also I want to try