I sometimes feel like I'm on a boat floating through a town on a river. I see the buildings and the people, but never feel being a part of it....

Model trains, music
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Working at the administration of a lab
Favourite diaper
Tena, Molicare
Personal Space
I'm a (gay) male from Amsterdam and I've been wearing and using diapers for about 20 years now (although, come to think of it, liking them does go back longer than that, maybe about 30 years).

I'm living together with my boy-friend since 1994 and we've met 3 years before that.
I have some AB tendencies, but for the most part I'm just a DL. Like wetting a lot, sleepers, plastic pants and like cotton aswell as disposable diapers.

Hobbies are: music (mainly listening, I have some keyboards gathering dust at the moment, but I'm planning on setting them up again and try to make something that actually sounds nice ). I think I have quite a broad taste for music (Vangelis, Rammstein, classic, pop and some obscure throat singing and other. As long as it sounds good, I might like it - I have close to 60000 MP3's in my collection).

Also enjoy playing my PS3 (I like the shooters more than RPG. I guess I'm not patient enough to sort out what I'm supposed to do). I'm a big fan of animation movies (Disney - of course, but also manga (Ghost in the shell, Howls moving castle, Spirited away, Akira...), SF (StarWars, Star Trek (nope, not a trekkie) and fantasy (Lord of the Rings, Legend).

Any questions? Don't hesitate (maybe I'll even answer them) :-)